Casa Mică - închis permanent

Casa Mică nu acceptă rezervări online prin
General Petre Popovăț 76, Crângași, București

Casa Mică - închis permanent

General Petre Popovăț 76, Crângași, București
Casa Mică nu acceptă rezervări online prin
Casa Mică este un restaurant localizat la adresa General Petre Popovăț numărul 76. Deschis zilnic între orele 07:00 - 22:00.

La Casa Mică te poți bucura de unele din cele mai bune preparate cu specific tradițional românesc.

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Luni - Duminică
07:00 - 22:00


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19 septembrie 2023 10:12

The beds in this hostel have bed bugs.
My boyfriend and I got badly bitten and I found bed bug stains all over the sheets when I checked them. We originally thought it was mosquitoes but nope, this place is definitely reeking of bed bugs. I called the authorities for consumer protection and health and sanitation and hopefully, they will investigate fully with the photos I sent them of the sheets and the bites.
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21 martie 2023 12:31

I had a two night stay here during a stop over in Bucharest.

The good points:

The host was kind enough to wake up at 2/3am to help us check in. The flight was delayed.

The location was nice. Lots of supermarkets and bakeries nearby and close to the metro which takes you to the city centre. A day pass only costs 8 Romanian Leu.

The bad points:

The rooms were very dirty. The rooms had a musty old smell, like they hadn’t been cleaned in ages. The carpet felt dirty. There was dust in all sorts of crevices and you could tell that it had been some time since anyone cleaned the room.

No soap or any kind of toiletries were provided. We had 3 rooms and only 2 of them had hand soap.

I had a small baby with me who required milk. The rooms have no kettles. I asked for hot water on the first night and some was brought in a sauce pan. The second night the owner did not respond to my phone calls or messages. He messaged back after 3 hours and asked why I didn’t contact any of his staff around the building. I had no idea where the staff were around the building and he never told me where they were.

Also in one of the rooms the light switch was behind a fridge. The first night we slept with the light on as it was already too late to disturb the host.

Edit after host response:

This is the typical attitude which he had during our stay there. It’s like he tried to blame us for not asking questions. Please provide the messages which you refer to. I can also provide the messages which show I asked for hot water at around 8pm and didn’t receive a reply until 11:30pm at night.

Really bad attitude for a host. I am writing this review so that future travellers know what to expect.
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10 noiembrie 2023 07:33

I can recommend! Nice staff, clean rooms, quiet locations.
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26 iulie 2022 19:37

Such a beautiful location and accommodating owners! Stayed here for two nights whilst visiting for a wedding, and even though we arrived in the dead of the night, the owner welcomed us and took the stress away.
Happily come back here again for my next visit to Bucharest, the rooms are cool and spacious and the pool was an excellent addition for fighting the hot weather.
In the restaurant, the staff were very understanding to my families’ strange coffee requests and each breakfast dish was delicious.
My only critiques would be the water in the shower struggled to get warm enough for a good wash, and there was no facility to have a hot drink in the room.
Highly recommend this place otherwise!
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26 aprilie 2022 02:58

It's a beautiful place! full of good vibes! We feel like home! The staff that served us is super friendly! It has a beautiful garden with birds singing in the background to connect with nature! delicious food! I would always come back! Thanks for everything ❤️🙏✨
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