Casa Jienilor

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Agricultori 12, Mihai Bravu - Mătăsari, București
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Păreri despre "Casa Jienilor"

Brescan Dragos
17 ianuarie 2018 12:56

Food and service were very prompt.
The food is very good. One of the best tripe soup in Bucharest. The prices though are cumulative high, you myst pay for everything they bring you such as sour cream, peppers and so on. For 2 soups and 2 drinks with peppers and cream we left 60 lei which is quite a lot.
They should do something about the music which is not one bit representative for the place. Also they should clean the table cloths every now and then. Same thing applies for the curtains.
The ambiance suffered along time and it s outdated they could make some major improvements on that field as well.
Usually the place was packed with people but for some reason today was quite empty.
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Geo Bosincianu
2 martie 2018 21:47

Good place to eat. But the local musicians make the place unbearable to eat or have a conversation.
Had sound trauma from the speakers for about an hour until the band took a break. Only suitable for private parties where you really enjoy loud music and not having any kind of conversation while having dinner.
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Andrei Apetrei
5 februarie 2018 10:10

Good location and large parking area. Food is very good and super friendly staff. Fantastic in summer and very good quality in winter.
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Cosmin Bosutar
23 decembrie 2017 11:04

The food was good. We didn't feel so welcomed because we didn't have a reservation have in advance. They play only traditional music.
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Laurentiu Capsuna
25 februarie 2018 17:47

Good romanian food. Nice atmosphere.
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