California 50's Diner [închis permanent]

Vasile Lascar 98, Moşilor, București

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California 50's Diner nu acceptă rezervări online prin

American Black Angus Burgers, Pizza, Steakhouse, Pasta, Salads, Bar and more to come!

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Andra Polizu
11 februarie 2016 20:32

Cool place. Nice playlist, excellent 50's atmosphere, fast service, fair prices, tasty burgers. For sure I will return. (For now, still allowing smokers, but it is well ventilated, breathable)
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Ionut Savu
28 decembrie 2015 10:53

Unique dining experience for Bucharest. A slice of 50s americana in the middle of Bucharest.
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Andrei Tudorancea
15 mai 2016 10:00

Nice place to spend your time.
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Tudor Marciu
6 septembrie 2016 16:08

Inconsistent food, good service, aesthetic tries but fails to elicit the 50's diner atmosphere
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Mihai Murdeala
1 aprilie 2016 12:18

i liked the ambience and also very good food!
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