Cafe Boulevard

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Bulevardul Gheorghe Șincai 9A, Tineretului, București

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Daca faci parte din lumea buna a capitalei te vei bucura sa aflii ca Boulevard Café este una dintre cele mai exclusiviste cafenele nou aparute in Bucuresti. Nu suntem modesti si nu vrem sa iesim in fata cu asta. Va oferim concret, ceea ce va place si ceea ce va reprezinta. Eticheta, servire impecabila, oameni de teapa ta si un loc in care e normal sa te lafai pe scaunul luxos pe care stai si in care ti-e permis sa refuzi cafeaua daca nu e asa cum ai cerut-o.

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Luni - Vineri
07:30 - 02:00
Sâmbătă - Duminică
09:00 - 02:00


Păreri despre "Cafe Boulevard"

Andreea H
6 ianuarie 2019 09:17

Good food and good one. Overpriced I would say - especially the wine selection.
I alwaya liked the waiters there. Friendly and open.
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Marius Mihai
11 noiembrie 2018 00:30

Usually busy, this Cafe is more attractive in the summer time when its shade and cold beer/lemonade/juice makes one wish to stop for a visit.
The personnel is nice, the service is acceptably fast and the service and dishes are very nice. In the cold season though the non-smokers will definitely be challenged as the cigar smell is impregnated in and still very persistent.
For a price slightly above the market, a live DJ and the above accommodations you can try the Cafe and decide for yourself if it worth it
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Maria Smile
17 ianuarie 2019 12:44

Overall ,a bad experience. We received the wrong order, there was water falling from the ceilling, the waiter was rather “funny” with his ironic answers and he also commented when I asked to pay by card because I didn’t say from the beginning. But it the end it was resolved . Food was ok(the egg overcooked and toast burned ) .Left with an unpleasant taste after this experience . Too bad ,the place has potential and it is in the city center.
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1 noiembrie 2018 17:47

Asked a limonade and was nice. The place is quiet and the service was quick. But is overpriced.
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Laura Doorneweerd
20 iulie 2018 17:26

Went for breakfast with 5 people and it took VERY long (approx 60 minutes) for it to be served. The coffee was nice but the food was not. Omelet too salty, fries soft, toast cold.
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