Borgo Stagioni

Calea Calarasilor 78, Traian, București

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Borgo Stagioni este un restaurant cu specific italian, situat in apropierea centrului istoric al Bucurestiului. Preparatele noastre savuroase sunt pregatite cu pasiune si pricepere din ingrediente mereu proaspete.

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09:00 - 22:00
Marți - Duminică
12:00 - 22:00


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11 august 2020 15:33

Borgo Margherita was in the same place before the pandemic. I came here with the greatest love for Neapolitan pizza, it was fantastic, but the other dishes were tasty and you could feel the quality of the ingredients. The prices were super ok, the service friendly. I don't know if the owner has changed, if only the place has been renamed, it is certain that the dishes are not as tasty. Pizza is no longer Neapolitan, the ingredients are less quality, but the prices are higher - 10 lei for a pint beer, 14 lei for a mineral water ?! I didn't leave Lipscani so much on a water either. A bottle of wine costs at least 80 lei ... Too bad, we were loyal customers, but we will have to reorient ourselves.
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30 septembrie 2020 16:07

A beautiful location in the city center, with a terrace full of greenery, you feel detached from the daily rush.
Very good food, with fish and seafood, meat, pasta, salads, and Neapolitan pizza as you rarely find, quality ingredients and a very pleasant atmosphere!
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