Biofresh [închis permanent]

Leon Vodă 19, Parcul Carol I, București

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Biofresh nu acceptă rezervări

Restaurant vegetarian si raw-vegan.

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Mark S
13 iulie 2015 21:04

A bit pricey for a veggie restaurant but there don't seem to be many veggie restaurants in the city. It's vegan and raw vegan. White wine was warm (no ice bucket and wine wasn't chilled) and food was OK. Well presented but rather bland. It could really do with using more spices and herbs and larger portions. Very friendly and lovely staff though. Worth a visit but will try somewhere else tomorrow.
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Pnina Shirly
29 noiembrie 2015 18:36

Delicious food and nicely presented. Prompt service.
We started with coconut milk soup / tomato cream soup and for main dish vegetable fajitas / baked potatoes with vegetables and (although we are not vegan) were positively impressed. Will go again soon.
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Radulian Stanescu
30 iulie 2016 11:23

Unfortunately Bio Fresh doesn't exist anymore. It was closed some time ago this year. The logo was removed, the door was closed when I visited the place on July 28, 2016. Sorry!
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Mike Johnson
18 decembrie 2015 09:52

There is definitely room for improvement in that place. Everything was too salted and it's not possible to pay by card in spite of the relatively high bills. Other than that, their menu is large and interesting. If you are travelling in Romania and looking for vegan/organic restaurant, Ma Cocotte in Brasov is much better.
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Adina Akhmetova
4 martie 2016 21:10

It's nice that Bucharest has such places like this, but I was kinda disappointed after I had my dinner there. Ordered quinoa with veggies and almost broke my tooth with SALT they were using, it wasnt ground as it was supposed to be! After having like 3-4 rock-hard tooth-breaking pieces of salt I gave up. Also that dish had way too much oil. I had great expectations for this place thinking that they had like fat-free meals for low fat high carb vegans, but they didnt. Also, their menu has way too many dishes - I was just lost in all of it! Anyway, I am giving this place 3 out of 5 stars just cuz staff was friendly and cuz they serve raw vegan food.
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