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Aleea Căuzași 57, Bulevardul Unirii, București

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Berestroika este un restaurant localizat la adresa Aleea Căuzași numărul 57. Deschis zilnic între orele 10:00 - 01:00.

La Berestroika te poți bucura de unele din cele mai bune preparate cu specific românesc sau internațional sau american.

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A Alexandru
16 august 2018 23:07 Rezervat în data de 16 august 2018 prin

Foarte buna berea iar platoul mixt este gustos. Carnati de calitate, muștar fain. Singura chestie e ca durează un pic pana vine mâncarea. So don't hurry be happy

R Radu
13 iulie 2018 15:51 Rezervat în data de 12 iulie 2018 prin

Locul este ok, arata bine, mai vorbim despre el.
Mancare buna, bere buna, insa servirea dureaza.

A Andra
23 martie 2018 12:00 Rezervat în data de 22 martie 2018 prin

Servire impecabila. Mancare si bautura foarte buna. Recomandam cu incredere berile casei! Vom reveni in curand!

A Ana-maria
20 ianuarie 2018 20:34 Rezervat în data de 19 ianuarie 2018 prin

Exceptional! Mancarea senzationala ca de berea, fara cuvinte! Best in town!

Mike Sterrett
15 martie 2019 23:53

The beer was incredible! We tried every variety of the home made beer and each one was fantastic!
The food was also very very good. The roast pork was great - crispy on the outside and cooked to perfection.
I do not normally go to the trouble of writing reviews, but this place was too good. Food, service (both the waiter and the very kind owner) and beer were all there best I've had in some time. Everyone should eat there!
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Aj Bev
6 martie 2019 02:45

EXCELLENT PLACE! The food was VERY tasty and so was the home made beer! The staff was very friendly and the service was top-notch! Can't wait to go back when I'm over there again!
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Rebeca Stanca
24 martie 2019 15:04

Amazing food, great beers, slow service.

It's one of the few places in town with a tandoor oven. I hqve no idea how a European brewery (their beer is brewed in-house) came to serve Indian food, but I love it and can't complain.

A bit pricey, and overall people don't seem to like the red ale, but that's just one of the beers they serve. All in all, I recommend going.
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Michael Brennan
12 martie 2019 18:40

Excellent restaurant and micro brewery. We were even taken on a tour of the brewery between the time we ordered food and the time it was ready. The beer was excellent, I had the Whitie and the food was delicious, we opted for a platter for two. Would definitely go back there.
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Pablo B.
11 aprilie 2019 10:39

Great locally brewed beer, nice location, very friendly staff. I recommend the red beer!
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