Bellagio Villa, Restaurant

Strada Vrejului 21, Vitan, București

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Andrei Alexandru Bleorțu
11 martie 2018 00:09

The place looks quite well but the food is rather unexceptional. It is too salty, either overcooked or undercooked, and it simply doesn’t taste good. The actual place looks rather nice, but the menus are written mostly in Italian (only the ingredients in Romanian) (and no English!) and the prices are quite high for what you actually get.
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madalina pantazica
6 decembrie 2017 21:34

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Alexandru Ţuncu
15 octombrie 2017 19:13

The food had no taste and was cold.
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Anton Balan
17 septembrie 2017 11:50

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Bogdan Ilinca
6 iunie 2017 17:39

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