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Racotă Nicolae 3A, Ion Mihalache, București


4,7 / 6 voturi
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Racotă Nicolae 3A, Ion Mihalache, București
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La restaurantul Beirut ambianta este placuta, serviciul este prompt, iar preturile sunt rezonabile. La mezzeh se poate opta, alaturi de tabule si salata de sezon, pentru homos, labne, sambusek, kebe si inca multe altele. Din preparatele la gratar se pot enumera: frigarui de vita sau de pui, aripi de pui, araies, kafta, kebab, macanec si altele.

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4,7 / 6 voturi
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C Cristina
19 februarie 2023 15:12 Rezervat în data de 19 februarie 2023

A Alex
2 octombrie 2022 17:21 Rezervat în data de 1 octombrie 2022

Printre cele mai bune localuri de profil arabesc dpdv al gustului mancarii.
Mancare foarte gustoasa si cu portii considerabile.
Merita incercat chiar daca vizual are un aspect batranesc.

D Dan
22 aprilie 2022 14:14 Rezervat în data de 22 aprilie 2022

R Radu
28 februarie 2021 01:25 Rezervat în data de 27 februarie 2021

S Silviu
26 februarie 2020 21:43 Rezervat în data de 26 februarie 2020

M Mircea
25 februarie 2018 21:12 Rezervat în data de 25 februarie 2018

Very good food. Service just average. Prices fair. Ambiance leaves a lot to be desired. Very cold inside. We had dinner with the jacket!

13 martie 2022 11:26

Unpretentious place with great food!

The restaurant looks a bit outdated, not very fancy, but the food is incredible. We especially enjoyed the big, hot, fluffy bread that they serve and the freshly made ayran, but also the starters plate (we got the small one, but it was actually quite big).

Thank you for having us!
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17 septembrie 2022 14:27

10 years after the last trip there, the recipes are still good tasting and well priced. The service was okay, but we were left with the dirty dishes filling up the table till the very end. I am quite sure the dishes would have been picked up if we had specifically asked to, so it's probably just me being used with a less passive, more proactive service. I would definitely come back. It's a pity that governmental hysteria turned this small restaurant into a two tables place after all the money they have pumped in taxes over the years to the same government.

Second trip, a few days later. Excellent service. The food equally good. We loved it even more than before. Clearly, this is one of our favorite places in Bucharest.

2022 update: everything is good as usual. the service excellent.
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26 martie 2023 11:47

Five stars for the food. The vegetarian dishes are especially delicious, but definitely recommend the meat ones as well. The place is very low key, simple and non-special. They don't serve alcohol. The only reason for coming here is the food and it is worth it. You also have the option of ordering and pick it up yourself.
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13 ianuarie 2024 14:28

Initially, we ordered from here and was surprised by the good taste of the food. So we decided to come and dine in. I liked the service, the fact that the food was brought as soon as it was cooked. The only minus is that the location needs some renovation.
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9 februarie 2020 22:17

I love this restaurant, it is cozy, comfortable, and the staff are very friendly. I came here in the past a few times. Sometimes we took away the food and ate at home.
Today we ate here, and we tried many dishes. Everything was super delicious, the bread is amazing, made here, very hot and fresh. We like the variety of vegetables and the taste of the food. I also enjoyed the desert, kataif. It surprised me, I will take it again.
The prices are excellent. I am very content. This is for sure a little gem in our neighborhood!
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