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Preț Moderat
Libaneză, Internațională, Americană
Racotă Nicolae 3A, Ion Mihalache, București
Preț Moderat
Libaneză, Internațională, Americană
Racotă Nicolae 3A, Ion Mihalache, București
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Beirut este un restaurant localizat la adresa Racotă Nicolae numărul 3A. Deschis zilnic între orele 12:00 - 23:00.

La Beirut te poți bucura de unele din cele mai bune preparate cu specific libanez sau internațional sau american.

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Piata Victoriei

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La Victoriei e bine să ieși - fie de la metrou, fie să te plimbi după job, fie ca sa aperi democrația, fie ca să faci shopping. Pentru că la fel ca tine, afacerile din zonă cunosc îndeaproape ce înseamnă libertatea de opinie și opțiuni și te întâmpină cu o diversitate de oferte.

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Piata Victoriei
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4,1 / 3 voturi
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R Radu
28 februarie 2021 01:25 Rezervat în data de 27 februarie 2021

S Silviu
26 februarie 2020 21:43 Rezervat în data de 26 februarie 2020

M Mircea
25 februarie 2018 21:12 Rezervat în data de 25 februarie 2018

Very good food. Service just average. Prices fair. Ambiance leaves a lot to be desired. Very cold inside. We had dinner with the jacket!

1 iunie 2021 17:12

Lovely family place. Food was delicious, portions adequate and fairly priced.
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22 mai 2021 18:40

Very simple restaurant, quite and original, prices are really good, food is delicious.
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7 septembrie 2020 17:42

10 years after the last trip there, the recipes are still good tasting and well priced. The service was okay, but we were left with the dirty dishes filling up the table till the very end. I am quite sure the dishes would have been picked up if we had specifically asked to, so it's probably just me being used with a less passive, more proactive service. I would definitely come back. It's a pity that governmental hysteria turned this small restaurant into a two tables place after all the money they have pumped in taxes over the years to the same government.

Second trip, a few days later. Excellent service. The food equally good. We loved it even more than before. Clearly, this is one of our favorite places in Bucharest.
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30 iulie 2020 13:47

The food is divine, the serving is fast.
The terrace is really small but it gives you a sense of exclusivity. The falafel and the hummus- mouthwatering!
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17 iulie 2020 15:56

I visited this restaurant twice ,on 15/07/20 and 16/07/20. They only have 2 tables outside in the terrace and rest of the seating is inside. Prices are acceptable but slightly expensive, food is also acceptable and eatable ,I did give them a few pointers how to improve food quality . Mince kebabs were good as it had right amount of fat and were juicy. Only reason I went twice was I was just too tired to venture far and it was not far from where I was staying . I believe owner’s son was very accepting of advice and believe this restaurant has a great potential to improve further. Service was excellent. Each visit I left a tip as mature waitress was very kind and respectful and so was the owner’s son who I believe was about 19 years of age. I hope he takes his dad’s business one step further . Well done young lad,it’s your time to bloom and our time is already receding and will be history soon.
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