Baz Bistro & Lounge

Barbu Vacarescu 13, Floreasca, București

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Bistro Specific American. Folosim doar produse naturale și gătim proaspăt zilnic.

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Păreri despre "Baz Bistro & Lounge"

C Cata
12 martie 2017 19:08 Rezervat în data de 11 martie 2017 prin

O vizita placuta, mancarea excelenta la fel si servirea. Multumim

M Mircea
10 martie 2017 11:42 Rezervat în data de 8 martie 2017 prin

Mancarea buna, dar a trebuit sa asteptam 45 de minute, avand in vedere ca doar 4 mese erau ocupate.

Alexandra Negoita
15 iulie 2017 23:54

Best burgers in town!
The meat, the bread and the sauces are made by Baz and they are fantastic!!! Best of the breed!
Also the music and the vibe are perfect! The place is clean and the service is polite, friendly, has a certain homey feeling!
It's our favorite go-to place!
Also the prices are fair (I would have expected much higher prices for it's location)
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lotem livne
6 iunie 2017 08:43

The best thing about the burger was the bun.. The burger was just ok, too fancy for my liking.. And the thing that was annoying was the store bought onion ring.. To seal the deal, don't expect ketchup or mayo..
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Mario Paes
20 iunie 2017 16:12

The burger was too damn complicated, the meat wasn’t good, to well done, dry, no taste. The fries weren’t crispy and the service too slow. If you are a meat lover and come from a place where is it has good beef you gonna be disappointed… I was.
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Tudor Marciu
12 martie 2017 10:49

Really good burgers, with a good variety of options on the menu. There are other options too: ribs, noodles or wraps. Did I mention the burgers are good? They're really good.
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19 ianuarie 2017 18:47

Food was delicious and prices fair. We've had a gumbler's burger and a vegetarian one.
Staff is polite and friendly.
Atmosphere is quite nice and the place is clean.
I highly recommend this place since I could not find anything that I disliked.
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