Arabesk Oriental Restaurant

Bulevardul Pipera 55, Cartier Pipera, București

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Restaurantul Arabesk imbina in mod placut preparatele specific orientale, delicioase, cu un ambient de exceptie.

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Luni - Duminică
12:00 - 00:00


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10 septembrie 2020 23:05

Prices are a bit high, food and narghilea good.
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25 august 2020 06:51

Nice location good food.
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27 mai 2020 04:29

Interesting restaurant but on my 3rd order through Uber they have given me a shorter size of coffee for the same amount and the soup was only half there. I know it sounds funny but I am actually bothered by this thing.

Otherwise, they have interesting and oriental dishes and they're okay.

...just a little faulty :-))))
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5 noiembrie 2019 21:37

Lovely atmosphere, great service and delicious food. I recommend ❤
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13 ianuarie 2019 23:29

Great food and narghilea
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