Arabesk Oriental Restaurant

Bulevardul Pipera 55, Cartier Pipera, București
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Restaurantul Arabesk imbina in mod placut preparatele specific orientale, delicioase, cu un ambient de exceptie.

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Luni - Duminică
12:00 - 00:00


Păreri despre "Arabesk Oriental Restaurant"

Abdullah Hamami
19 iunie 2019 01:21

By far, one of the best restaurants out there.
Not only does their food tastes really good but also its servesd in fulfilling portions.
They also got good drink, really good Narghilas and an awesome atmosphere!
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Ziemek Majewski
16 aprilie 2019 14:41

Superb Arabic food. Very authentic and great taste of Syrian cuisine. I recommend to everyone.
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Laura Andreea Ilinca
16 iunie 2019 19:28

Amazing oriental food! Chef Simon is the best in town!
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Razvan Constantinescu
16 aprilie 2019 17:38

Very good Arabic food in a nice clean atmosphere.
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Fabiana Papastefani
19 ianuarie 2019 23:20

Food here is quite good. Service goes by day - At times great other times...a little less. Overall good choice.
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