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Drumul Bisericii 11, Cartier Pipera, București

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La restaurant grecesc Amvrosia intalniti adevarata arta culinara greceasca in diferite forme delicioase. Grecia este faimoasa pentru produsele de calitate si pentru gustul uimitor al mancarurilor. Scopul nostru este de a promova si de a raspandi "secretul gastronomiei grecesti" prin calitatea produselor, a gustulului unic grecesc, a sentimentului dornic de viata. Astfel am creat un coltisor de gradina in care cresc semete: salvie, busuioc, menta, cimbru, oregano pe care le folosim in fiecare fel de mancare pentru a adauga un plus de gust si pentru a incanta simturile. Si cum unui restaurant grecesc nu poate sa-i lipseasca din meniu mielul, pestele si fructele de mare, am construit si o psistarea, astfel ca zilnic sa va bucurati de sfaraitul gratarului pe carbune.

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Luni - Miercuri
13:00 - 20:00
Vineri - Duminică
13:00 - 18:00


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4,5 / 3 voturi
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C Cristiana
26 februarie 2021 16:46 Rezervat în data de 25 februarie 2021

C Cristiana
6 august 2020 21:04 Rezervat în data de 6 august 2020

T Tony
12 decembrie 2017 14:41 Rezervat în data de 9 decembrie 2017

21 februarie 2021 23:11

Very good food and the staff super kind!
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21 iulie 2020 08:36

A lovely atmosphere, you feel like you're in a Greek island and sit at the table with your local hosts, enjoying excellent Greek food. The garden is fantastic and the restaurant is clean and very welcoming, created for connoisseurs and for those who know how to appreciate its authenticity.
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6 noiembrie 2020 19:21

Family owned greek restaurant located in a beautiful villa near the lake. Great food, great wine and excellent service 🙂
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10 august 2020 18:07

Rip off!
When we arrived, we entered through the restaurant to the terrace. We had a reservation but nobody was there to greet us. We asked a waitress who was kind of rude and did not show any interest.

We were later on seated at a table but nobody came to our table for about 20 minutes (mind you there are only 6 or so tables in the garden). The place is not maintained either (the garden is just a mess, tables are wobbly).

We had a look at the menu: and shock, these prices vs location vs how the place is maintained is a complete rip off. 200 grams of shrimps for 80 RON (!??!?), Calamari for 55 RON to name a few. These are Hilton/Mariott prices and this place does NOT justify such price level - at all - never ever!

Even more because the food was slow, as in super slow. Fourty minutes for my so called “kebab” to arrive - small portion but hey, lets charge the customer 38 RON (its not worth more than 18-20 RON)

When asked why it took such a long time for our food to be prepared they stated “we cook everything fresh”. Well that is poor excuse when you have 6 tables to take care off and for my plate to have 2 tiny pieces of “kebab” meat. I have been to many restaurants that cook things fresh, but this restaurant has issues on providing food in time.

Lastly, the waitresses/owner did not wear ANY mask neither inside the restaurant or outside and that is a blatant disrespect towards your customer. I feel obliged to report them to the authorities! Honestly, they should be CLOSED down for this.

Long story short: stay away, there are way better places around with decent prices, a maintained premises and with normal waiting times

But if you like to be ripped off on extortionate prices and slow food delivery and get Covid19 as a bonus... go here!

Does not deserve even one star.
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28 iunie 2020 22:58

Nice ambiance, large terrace and on a lake's shore. The food is fine, especially if you like Greek specialties
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