Sushi Master

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Calea Bucuresti 107, Brașov

Sushi Master

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Calea Bucuresti 107, Brașov
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Ne propunem să pregătim cel mai bun sushi din țară. Sushi Master prepară rapid, gustos și sănătos!

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L Lucian
19 martie 2022 21:35 Rezervat în data de 19 martie 2022

19 august 2022 20:41

I had the worst susi here
I ordered a combination
And i got susi with avocado that wasn't ripe it was hard as a rock
The fried susi tasted like old oil
And the worst is that
I never in my life seen susi with tomato
It tasted so bad the tomato was very watery
At first i thought it was red tuna by the looks, but turns out it was tomato
the rice isnt professional the susi falls apart once you hold it
If i could give a -1 star i would
Also the meal cost 180 lei
And i ordered a "all in susi master" that they recommend
So i didn't actually order avocado or tomato
So the chef their decided on his own to send this really really bad meal
i also ordered rice with viggies and salmon it tasted bad with alot alot of oil
i thow most of the meal to the trash(where it belongs)
For 180 lei i expected better
Don't recommend.
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1 decembrie 2022 16:32

The quality of the sushi was satisfying. I had noodles that were amazing! Highly recommend.
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29 decembrie 2022 13:15

Delivery took hours, sushi didn’t feel that fresh tho.
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27 martie 2022 14:31

Had a Philadelphia roll and Miso soup, both was bellow the expectations : the rolls weren't tidy up and the rice wasn't right (not sticking enough, to my opinion), and the soup was too salty (and generally it is a small amount of soup for a dish, but this time it was for the better) and the soy sauce was bellow average quality, and definitely not something I would expect to see in a professional kitchen . The staff was quick, polite and generally excellent.
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2 noiembrie 2020 11:52

Fast delivery and interesting concept, but.. The rolls have way too much rice ratio to fish, some roll ends didn't even have fish, just rice. Disappointing.
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