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Strada Michael Weiss 11, Brașov
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Restaurantul PRATO, situat in centrul vechi al Brasovului, pastreaza aroma si farmecul locului si va ofera un bogat meniu cu specific mediteranean acompaniat de vinuri din podgorii romanesti si internationale.

Toate preparatele noastre sunt realizate de o echipa de maestri bucatari care pune mare suflet incepand cu alegerea celor mai bune ingrediente provenite din surse sigure si verificate. Astfel optam pentru cele mai proaspete legume, fructe aromate, branzeturi gustoase, o carne frageda, care imbinate ne ajuta sa cream si desavarsim pentru dvs savuroase meniuri alcatuite din salate, supe, paste, preparate din carne si peste precum si cele mai delicioase torturi si prajituri.

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M Miruna
3 decembrie 2017 00:10 Rezervat în data de 2 decembrie 2017 prin

Servirea a fost dezamagitoare.. De la un astfel de restaurant aveam asteptari mai mari. Domnul Silviu a avut grija sa ne faca o experienta foarte neplacuta. Pe langa servirea proasta, mancarea a venit rece si remarca mea in legatura cu asta nu a primit nici macar scuze din partea personalului. Dar supa a fost perfecta. In cazul ca veti avea curajul sa mergeti la acest restaurant va recomand cu placere supa de peste sau de rosii.

B Bogdan
14 iunie 2017 22:07 Rezervat în data de 13 iunie 2017 prin

Mancare excelenta, atmosfera buna , ospatarii sub nivelul locatiei.

Ducazor R
5 martie 2019 14:10

A great restaurant but a bit expensive. The service there was great. If you have a request they will do it properly. I hope they are paid properly as their service is one of the best in Brașov. Let's see if someone will see this message and do something about it.
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Veronica Panita
12 ianuarie 2019 08:19

I visited this place once for a business dinner, for which is highly recommended. The place is nicely decorated with semi-separate entrees for larger groups. The service was nice, though they need to pay a little bit more attention to alertness. Food was excellent, varying from meat options to vegetarian ones. The wine selection is good. The desserts are very popular there. One of them, actually, looked pretty interesting: raw vegan with seeds, though it seemed more like a chocolate fruit cake. For smokers, electronic devices are allowed, or you can choose to smoke outside, where they have a heated area designed. All in all, atmosphere is very nice and elegant, though sometimes it can be a bit loud if TVs are on (esp. on sports channels).
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Adrian Ene
16 februarie 2019 16:06

Small details are not overlooked and that's what makes a business special and true. Ignore overzealous and hate feedback. The place is exactly as it should be. Premium by any means. Fresh food, huge selection of deserts and wine. There is always something to improve and that's not bad. Kudos for the owners for delivering for years and keeping so :) I know how hard it is. Especially in Romania
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Erik Schmidt-Bergemann
4 martie 2019 23:33

Really good Italian food to reasonable prices (we payed about 55€ for 3 ppl) and the service was great. The portions of the pasta could be bigger but the quality of the food made up for the lacking quantity.
The dessert was great as well.
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Stephan Paul
13 aprilie 2019 12:08

Very nice location and good service. Very tasty mediterranean food. Delightful Rumanian red wines. Give it a try.
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