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Strada Michael Weiss 16, Brașov


4,8 / 16 voturi
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Strada Michael Weiss 16, Brașov
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Mâncărurile noastre au fost inspirate din renumita bucătărie ungurească şi ardeleană. Nu lipseşte gulaşul, în diferitele lui forme, supa de peşte, muşchiul preparat în diferite feluri, să nu mai vorbim de supa de gâină a bunicii, şi mult aşteptaţii gomboţi cu prune.

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4,8 / 16 voturi
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O atmosfera foarte relaxata și plăcută! Va recomand sa mergeți la Pilvax pentru o experiența drăguța alături de oameni calzi și foarte atenți.

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18 ianuarie 2020 22:21 Rezervat în data de 18 ianuarie 2020

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12 august 2021 18:27

The beef cheeks and duck breast were absolutely phenomenal, so was the wine pairing suggestion of the manager. The bone marrow appetizer was interesting and highly recommended.

The highlight was the dessert though, drunken pear prepared with rose wine and served with Gorgonzola ice cream…I tip my hat to the creative chef!


I think I have a new favorite restaurant downtown 😁
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31 iulie 2021 21:38

Great experience, good food, lovely host and awesome wine!

First of all you get to taste the wine and also you can get a pairing recommendation with your dish - which was really appreciated. We had a really tasty Hungarian blaufränkisch - delicious.

The food menu is somehow limited, but I think that’s usually a good sign, you get 4-5 options from each category - but I imagine everything is top quality: we picked some local sausages with yellow beans and classic Hungarian goulash - all really good.

They are also pet friendly, you can pay with the card as well, and the service is top quality or even a bit above.

Would definitely come back for some more extensive wine tasting and food pairings :). Keep up the good work!
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1 septembrie 2021 21:23

I don't leave reviews often but really wanted to say how much I enjoyed dining here. The grandma's soup was so soothing and the vegetarian risotto tasted great and was of just the right tangy texture. The interior of the restaurant was beautiful and creative, and the restaurant owner seemed like a pleasant, polite, and kind person who is proud of the food he serves. It's exactly what a nice, decent restaurant is supposed to be like. Dining here lit up my visit to Braşov.
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18 august 2021 19:13

This lovely wine bar and restaurant is owned by a very knowledgable brother and sister. They offer and advise a wide selection of Romanian and Hungarian wines that can be ordered per glass. Be sure to try the home smoked ribs! We enjoyed this place so much we ended up spending 3 consecutive nights there!
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15 septembrie 2021 22:18

Following the recommendation of the Rough Guide, we chose the Pilvax wine bar in anticipation of a really tasty meal. Something has obviously happened since 2019: the food was very disappointing. Wiener schnitzel was dry, and honestly looked like the sole of a shoe. The pan fried chicken breast was dry and flavourless, as was the chicken paprikash. Out of four meals , only the home smoked pork ribs were reasonable. Definitely won't be visiting there again.
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