L'etagè Cafe Bistro

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Strada Republicii 50, Brașov
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L’Etage Bistro este locul unde ai parte nu doar de o cafea deosebită, ci și de un concert la pian, cu piese special alese pentru voi și de o atmosferă romantică în fiecare seară.

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Peter Milenkov
8 august 2019 22:15

Live jazz on the main street. Nice drink. Good atmosphere. What else you need for a good evening mood!
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iulia zamfirescu
21 septembrie 2019 22:46

The food is very disappointing. Run away as quickly as you can from this place if you’re looking for something to eat. The menu is misleading. I was there with my husband and I ordered a Romanian dish, smoked pork leg with beans. Usually this comes as a big chunk of meat and you can see the respective part of the leg. What this restaurant has served was so tiny and mean! A few bites of meat, half of which was fat, shyly hiding among a thin layer of beans. And this despite the menu indicating a weight of 400 grams for the portion. The price of this “generous” dish was 37 Ron, 8 Euro. Being a Romanian I have to say that this is a high price for a single dish, above the average, and consequently one would expect value for the money. Also my husband ordered a focaccia and he received only half of it. Mineral water was also as pricy as in top Bucharest restaurants, 12 Ron for a big bottle. We left feeling disappointed, unsatisfied and cheated, and sorry for the 97 Ron spent. I will never come here again.
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Andrew Le
6 septembrie 2019 00:38

I really enjoyed this place. I was just strolling down the street when the piano and saxophone pulled me into an ally and up some stairs to a neat little jazz bar
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Wesley Chandler
3 iulie 2019 00:59

The live music was great! Service is ok! I think it's more the language barrier that made the service a little awkward. They didn't have many of the food options when we were there so that was a bit of a downer. And the desert we had was sub par. I wish this place had more people cause the ambiance is great! And listening to good live jazz music is the best!
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Szocska Alex
13 august 2019 06:40

Pizza is horrible, totally else that you might expect. Orders are not delivered as they are asked, and mostly they are late, quite expensive for the services they offer. Pretty sure I will not return here.
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