L'etagè Cafe Bistro

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Strada Republicii 50, Brașov

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L’Etage Bistro este locul unde ai parte nu doar de o cafea deosebită, ci și de un concert la pian, cu piese special alese pentru voi și de o atmosferă romantică în fiecare seară.

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Istrate Adrian
16 octombrie 2018 22:27

Not what I expected, the guy that served us did not pay attention to the order, said that they don't have a wine menu, put another wine on the check ( I drank red wine and he put a white wine instead ). Hope this was just a fluke usually is a nice place.
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Tudor Teisanu
25 august 2018 11:08

Relaxing place to spend a late evening with a few friends. I m not sure if they serve food, but the drinks are good. The location is great and it gets even better if you get to listen to live music as well.
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Ela Patricia Mariniuc
16 septembrie 2018 19:12

Awful experience! Service was very slow, music was bad - mediocre piano covers - drinks were just tolerable. Waiter came back 20 minutes later to let us know that they didn't have a particular brandy. Asked for a food menu and only when the waiter came back he informed us he didn't have several items because they were changing the menu. Ended up ordering an appetiser which was taking forever so we asked the waiter after more than half an hour to check on it. He came back to let us know it will be ready in another 10 minutes ; 5 minutes later he came back to let us know the kitchen messed up the food. No apologies were given. We left feeling disappointed and hungry with no other option to get some food after 11pm in Brasov.
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Raresch Oprea
7 septembrie 2018 08:29

The burgers were pretty good.
Depending on the schedule, you could find that they don't have all the menu items and the waiting time is a little bit higher. Either way, this does not make less of an enjoyable time.
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Tomi Szekely
5 septembrie 2018 22:20

Very friendly staff, delicious cocktails, good atmosphere, live music, wonderful.
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