L'etagè Cafe Bistro

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Strada Republicii 50, Brașov

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L’Etage Bistro este locul unde ai parte nu doar de o cafea deosebită, ci și de un concert la pian, cu piese special alese pentru voi și de o atmosferă romantică în fiecare seară.

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Andrei Cruceru
6 decembrie 2018 03:37

A very interesting place to spend an evening with friends. Unfortunately we visited "L'etagè" in the middle of the day, but the light gave us a chance to see it better. Bookshelves filled with books ready to be enjoyed next to your hot cup of coffee.
Since I had forgotten my gloves, we had to come back later on that evening and let me tell you, it was packed. The atmosphere had changed completely and you really want to be there when the fun starts.
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Iulia Stefan
30 decembrie 2018 19:16

The teas and beverages are great the place is really beautiful but one of the staff made sure we feel uncomfortable last time we were there as someone started playing the piano despite there being no announcement being made .We didn’t even notice it was a live piano and we were later told to keep it down and stop laughing and told we are rude because we are conversing while the piano is playing and not stopping to listen ... I would understand if people there came to a concert but this was meant to be beautiful background music the waiter was not even able to tell us the name or where the pianist is from he said “I don’t know he just comes here sometimes “... we were not drunk so I know clearly we were not inappropriately loud for a place where you go to converse. It was very strange and uncomfortable as we meant no disrespect to the pianist but this was again not a concert.
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Dan Popescu
1 ianuarie 2019 04:24

Surprisingly good. Chick classic/ jazzy atmosphere. Fine foods. Assorted drinks. Recommended.
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Eva Lambek
19 octombrie 2018 15:32

They tried to serve me a warm beer. The manager was extremely rude about it and told me I should have asked if the beers were going to be cold before they served me. That's not exactly something you would expect to need to ask at a nicer bar! Steer clear of this place! There's plenty of other bars and restaurants in the area with better service
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Caleb Hatfield
3 ianuarie 2019 22:17

Amazing piano player. Cozy atmosphere. Perfect for drinks.
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