Kruhnen Musik Halle

Nicolae Titulescu 2P, Brașov
Kruhnen Musik Halle nu acceptă rezervări online prin

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Kruhnen Musik Halle nu acceptă rezervări online prin
Functionand ca berarie, club, sala de evenimente cat si terasa, Kruhnen Musik Halle este cel mai nou si spatios spatiu cultural al Brasovului ce se distinge prin muzica, design, public si varietate.

Deschis de luni pana duminica, incepand cu ora 17:00 si pana la ultimul client, Kruhnen Musik Halle ofera publicului o experienta completa, 'condimentata' de partyuri cu DJ din toata tara cat si concerte cu nume consacrate dintr-o multitudine de genuri muzicale, plus o selectie variata de bauturi.

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Luni - Sâmbătă
17:00 - 02:00


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Delia Csiki
4 iulie 2019 09:03

It's a nice club and probably the only one that has decent prices in Brasov. The parties are great and there is a lot space, but they always close in the summer. So if you're looking for a place to spend your nights and mornings during heat days, this option is definitely out.
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Christi Garofil
19 iulie 2019 18:40

One of the best music halls/venues around. It is truly professional and has the vibe of western european music venues.
The bar and prices are also very good and the location is accessible.
Great job!
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Horatiu Nicola
24 iunie 2019 14:27

Excellent acoustics. For real. Some of the best shows in terms of audio quality I've ever seen in Romania.
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6 martie 2019 13:19

Inside you can find a pretty long bar for serving drinks, as well as a lounge special for reservations. The music is pretty good. Serves multiple genres of music and it's not based very much on house and progressive music but some pretty cool events take place here!
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Anonimus Mystery
30 iunie 2019 15:39

Impressive place with impressive guests and drinks.
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