Kruhnen Musik Halle

Nicolae Titulescu 2P, Brașov

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Kruhnen Musik Halle nu acceptă rezervări online prin

Functionand ca berarie, club, sala de evenimente cat si terasa, Kruhnen Musik Halle este cel mai nou si spatios spatiu cultural al Brasovului ce se distinge prin muzica, design, public si varietate.

Deschis de luni pana duminica, incepand cu ora 17:00 si pana la ultimul client, Kruhnen Musik Halle ofera publicului o experienta completa, 'condimentata' de partyuri cu DJ din toata tara cat si concerte cu nume consacrate dintr-o multitudine de genuri muzicale, plus o selectie variata de bauturi.

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Luni - Sâmbătă
17:00 - 02:00


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Razvan El
7 noiembrie 2018 12:57

Great place, I would have gladly give a higher rating, but the sound system sucks, you can't have 13(thirteen)artists on stage, and use grandma's speakers from the backyard. It s a pity, the place looks good and has great potential
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Remus Curte
17 noiembrie 2018 07:15

The best place in town where you can go to a concert and feel it like an open air festival.
Best parties also!!!
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Horia Gheta
29 octombrie 2018 17:43

I've been living in Brașov for years. Never have we had a place like Kruhnen. Big space, great sound,, varied drink menu, and moat of all a gteat atmosphere that makes you feel right at home.
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Mihai Tatusescu
25 decembrie 2018 13:59

The best place for live concerts and disco parties in town! Best dj Leo!!!
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Rujan Octa
4 ianuarie 2019 22:59

This place hosts some of the best concerts and parties in the city
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