Grătar Urban

Strada Michael Weiss 11, Brașov

Preț Moderat

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Grătar Urban nu acceptă rezervări online prin


Luni - Duminică
10:00 - 23:00


Păreri despre "Grătar Urban"

Sergio Cadenas
14 septembrie 2018 15:25

Delicious hamburgers (a lot of choices) and good desserts, but the best thing in our experience was the service, provided by Cristina, she loves her job and and you can feel it. We would recommend this place. Multumesc Cristina!
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Vlad Dinescu
10 septembrie 2018 17:24

Tasty food, good prices. The staff is very helpful. If you want a good burger and a cold beer in Brasov, this is definitely a place to visit.
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Carmen Negrea
7 august 2018 14:32

Amazing food. They've got a great selection of beefy and non-beefy (including chicken and vegetarian options) burgers. The chips were super crispy and crunchy. Loved it.
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Flo Florentina
27 februarie 2018 21:10

At the first glance we wanted to go to a different place, the menu is quite low in options although not very pricey, the small dinning area I thought looked like a gas chamber 😂, we weren't great fans of the cold crisps. However we decided to give it a try and we were quite pleased. The burgers were very nice and meaty, they have some tasty jam rather than cheap ketchup/mayo. They only do two milkshakes, we tried peanuts one which was very nice. Our burgers came quite fast and tasted fresh and hot. The place itself looked clean and tidy, out waitress was very kind and polite. The only thing we weren't happy were them crisps which don't really go well with the burgers, although for some crisps are very nice. Fries or wedges on the menu would be much more appropriated. Overall quite good experience
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Gilbert Mar
3 septembrie 2018 12:56

Good place to eat at if you aren't searching for luxury(like me)
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