Grătar Urban

Strada Michael Weiss 11, Brașov

Preț Moderat

Acest local nu acceptă rezervări

Grătar Urban nu acceptă rezervări


Luni - Duminică
10:00 - 23:00


Păreri despre "Grătar Urban"

Alexandra-Gabriela Stanca
6 ianuarie 2018 23:42

Lovely place, good food and good prices. Excellent location. I especially loved the fact that the owner asked us if we had enjoyed our meal. I wasn't very fond of the chips, though, they seemed a bit damp. The burger is good, but not amazing. The lemonade is horrendous.
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Bee S
11 februarie 2018 14:34

Very fast service. Very polite staff and very concerned for your confort and opinion. The fact that the staff was so friendly made the place seem cozy. The vegan burger option was good.
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Alex Zeres
11 februarie 2018 18:57

Well placed, the owner it's a comunicative person, the atmosfere it s friendly. We didn t like the smoke from the inside and the hamburgers are almost good.. The services are fast.
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24 ianuarie 2018 15:08

Nice burgers, cozy family run place with always fresh meat (closes when they run out of fresh meat). A very cool place for eating very good burgers.
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Ray Davis
20 ianuarie 2018 15:02

Ordered 2 burgers at 14:00PM to take away to enjoy for the football at 14:30PM. Burgers were great & well cooked. Beats Mcd's & Burger King any day.
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