Grătar Urban

Strada Michael Weiss 11, Brașov
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Păreri despre "Grătar Urban"

Dan-Mihai Dorobantu
7 iulie 2019 15:11

I have only had burgers this good in the US! The best burgers in Romania, and I had my share in most cities!
The perfect balance between quick and good quality, with that hint of american diner burger to make it all so tasty! And the more original burgers, all so nice!
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Pat L
20 iulie 2019 08:15

Very good burgers... which is good as it’s the only option! ;) Very nice and friendly service.

However... so much waste! Beer? Plastic cup. Sauce for chips? Plastic cup. Chips? Cardboard box. Burger? Paper wrapper. Ouch...
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Anda Gogu
3 iunie 2019 13:41

Awesome food, lovely people. A bit too much single-use plastic for my taste, but that is the only negative aspect and I'm sure it will be soon remedied. Totally recommend!
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Martha Behan
20 iulie 2019 13:39

Great food, bit weird to be eating crisps with the burger. Setting was lovely and service was good. Shame about all the single use plastics though.
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Fabian Hein
26 mai 2019 13:31

Nice place with delicious and a little out of the ordinary burgers. The food was great and the staff was incredibly friendly. Will definitely stop by the next time I'm in Brasov
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