Grătar Urban

Strada Michael Weiss 11, Brașov

Preț Moderat

Acest local nu acceptă rezervări

Grătar Urban nu acceptă rezervări


Luni - Duminică
10:00 - 23:00


Păreri despre "Grătar Urban"

Alin Sandu
3 noiembrie 2017 15:52

Good burgers, and homemade potato chips. Open grill where you can see how the food is cooked but there is a lot of smoke if you want to stay there and watch.
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Amir .S
16 septembrie 2017 17:06

Easy going place light and young feeling ,tasty burgers with a spacial tships and normal price for this touristic area
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Laura Maria
16 septembrie 2017 04:36

Small and cozy, good burgers and friendly employees but it gets full pf smoke and you leave smelling like you have been sitting in a chicken.
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Razvan Iancu
23 august 2017 13:21

Most dishes here are good . It can get a little crowded in summer times and you'll need to wait others to leave for a table. The stuff is a little bit clumsy , they messed our order but I guess that happened due to high number of clients. They tend to reduce the amount of meat they put in burgers. last year I eated a burger here, now some bread with beef meat.
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Rares Amarandei
27 august 2017 23:24

Tried house burger and gorgonzola burger. The burgers where ok the chips where cold and oily. The prices vs quality, in my opinion, is not very good. It
was a decent experience and once in a while it is ok to try it, but for me is not a place where to go regularly.
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