Galleria Art & Coffe

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Strada Colonel Ion Buzoianu 1A, Brașov

Galleria Art & Coffe

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Preț Moderat
Strada Colonel Ion Buzoianu 1A, Brașov
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Galleria Art & Coffee. Apetit pentru muzică. Sete de artă.

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I Ioana
11 iulie 2021 16:30 Rezervat în data de 11 iulie 2021

P Paul
9 mai 2019 10:03 Rezervat în data de 8 mai 2019

21 noiembrie 2022 12:39

Beautiful cafe în Brasov, close to the city centre. Hidden gem, I would say.
I just imagine how magical it would be to drink a hot chocolate or a latte in winter, snowing outside.
Amazing. Hope to return in winter.
Good job!
Really good coffe also!
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17 ianuarie 2023 11:44

Nice coffee (and other beverages, sweets etc.) stop.
Located vis-a-vis the city hall / central park, close (approximately 25 meters) to the main street going to Brașov old city.
Very good looking "vintage" pavilion design, it gives you a nice feeling, especially the terrace (surrounded by greenery).
We have been there few times already, the service is mixed - oscillating between good and very good -, their coffees, tea, fresh juices are very good.
An oasis close to the center (within walking distance).
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6 ianuarie 2023 23:03

I’ve been there a while ago with my girlfriend, the drinks were ok and the service really good, but at one point a short bald guy came in, yelling at the poor waiter something about the music being to low and some other things. I didn’t understand much of what he said but he was really angry for some reason. I believe he was some kind of owner or manager or something. From what I have heard from the waiter, it wasn’t uncommon for him to come and yell at his employees. It gave that beautiful place a sad atmosphere. Personally, I can’t stand abusive superiors in locations, you should respect your staff. I just don’t wanna go there anymore. It’s so sad that people are still working there. I waited a while to post this so that the waiter won’t get in trouble, I truly hope he doesn’t work there anymore.
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8 decembrie 2021 15:44

Cozy place with a nice view. The place was especially nicely decorated for Christmas season. Had a great mules wine there, even though their specialty is coffee.
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5 noiembrie 2022 09:32

Ended up being one of my favorite cafes in the city, big windows, spacious inviting space, bright, light and airy..a great place to just have a coffee or work a little bit.
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