Bistro de l'Arte Nou pe ialoc

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Piata Enescu 11 bis, Brașov
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Bistro de l’Arte este una dintre bijuteriile ascunse din centrul istoric al orasului Brasov.

Mancare buna, bauturi fine, galerie de arta, muzica live, teatru - suficiente motive pentru a veni in Piata Enescu 11bis.

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Oren Samuel
12 octombrie 2019 09:59

Had a good overall experience here.
The tomato salad with white cheese was nice. Both entrees were fairly good - but simpler than I'd imagined.
It seems that they're trying to go for a classic French bistro style, but the execution should improve. Especially the dessert was just not that good.
That said, this place is a very positive change from the herd of mediocre local cuisine restaurants.
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Adrian Necula
27 octombrie 2019 14:31

Here I ate one of the best burgers in town. Also the breakfast is very good. The waiting times are low and the staff is polite. The prices are high but the food is great and well worth it.
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Mihaela Metaxa-Albu
18 noiembrie 2019 14:47

Went here last week with my hubby for a nice breakfast.
Little did we knew, it will be such an awful one.
We ordered 2 omelettes (one without onions, I specifically requested) and some sweet pastry as a dessert.
They came back after 45 minutes, with the pastry first, after asking twice for our breakfasts.
After another 15 minutes they brought the omelettes and mine was not only with onions but also leeks.

Anyways, I would not recommend this place. The food is decent buy the service is poor.

There are many other good restaurants in Brasov, so don't bother.
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Rodoula B.
15 august 2019 17:09

It seems that is a place that focus on the quality of the ingredients used for the plates. Everything was delicious! Medium portions, good prices for what is offering, beautiful decoration, relaxing music and atmosphere. The waiter was kind and spoke English very well. The only thing we have to say is that they do not make changes.. We asked to exclude the mayo from the burger but the waiter said that he can't do that (but asked if it was for allergies or just the flavor).
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Iulia Hlusca
13 septembrie 2019 17:38

Nice menu and nice location. The service was excellent. Me and my friend had dessert. They also serve Vietnamese coffee (with condensed milk.. A bit too sweet for my taste)
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