Podu' Cu Lanturi

Calea Moldovei 4, Bacău

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Hotel medieval. Restaurant. Cramă. Pub. Fabrică de bere. Păstrăvărie. Grădină cu bucătărie de vară. Două pensiuni tematice.

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Luni - Duminică
10:00 - 22:00


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28 februarie 2021 20:07

Drinks we're good, but the squid wasn't..
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12 octombrie 2020 09:41

This place was great, I have been around Europe and this was the best stay. Beds are comfy, staff is careful, breakfast is a dream and they even heated the butter so it was spreaddable. Beer factory downstairs makes really good beer. The atmosphere ans sound of the water is relaxing and we felt like Royalty!
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1 august 2020 19:33

The food is good. Also the homemade beer. But I must say that the waiters are slow. It took more then 15 minutes after ordering for the drinks to come. There were only 6 or 7 tables taken, so it was not busy. We only ordered desert. It took 50 minutes before we got it.
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18 octombrie 2020 17:27

A total disrespect for the customers. The staff is mot helpful and ignoring the guests. No napkins, long wait time and the food bland and overcooked.
Avoid. It. There are other places where you can be treated as a custumor.
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20 iulie 2020 14:04

A surprising location with beautiful terraces, inviting rustic decor, a beautiful aquatic theme and excellent food.
A place where I will gladly return on my next visit
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