Lake House

Calea Mărășești 14, Bacău

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La LakeHouse pregatim burgeri suculenti sau bine-facuti, steak-uri delicioase si gratare traditionale romanesti! Pizza sau paste pentru pofticiosii de gusturi mediteraneene, iar pentru cei mai atenti cu silueta, niste salate de’a lui Ceaser and more. Garantam ca te intorci ca sa mai incerci! Ca si desert, iti pregatim zi de zi, un cheesecake facut in casa, cum doar in New York ai sa mai gasesti! Mai avem si alte dulcegarii, dar te-asteptam sa le descoperi la fata locului!

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Luni - Duminică
11:00 - 22:00


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13 octombrie 2020 00:55

Great place for spending some time and get feed.
The staff very helpful and knowledgeable. The food amazing. It smell and taste great. Right amount of spices and perfect cooked.
A great place to get your lunch or your dinner.
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9 februarie 2021 22:16

A nice restaurant, modern, casual, with good ambience, nice staff and good food.
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25 decembrie 2020 19:39

The best hot chocolate with pistacchio which I had lately in the Christmasy way,it does beat the Starbucks' one this year.5*****
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10 octombrie 2020 21:16

Very helpful staff, great prices, and the best steak I've eaten in bacau! I've been there a few times and never been disappointed.
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27 septembrie 2020 13:14

A very nice location, staff very educated and presented.
The ambiance is very pleased and relaxing with a “lake all around “
This is the second time I’ve ordered smoked ribs
and I can confirm that they are rubbish.
The meat is pre prepared 2-3 days before it gets to your plate and it is very dry and with a sour taste.
The waiter ask me if everything was ok and she offered to bring me another portion.
Still the same old cooked ribs dry and sour but much hotter this time.
So I won’t recommended to eat any ribs at this place.
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