Casa Rebeca

4,5 / 4 voturi
Preț Moderat
Strada Vasile Alecsandri 3, Bacău

Casa Rebeca

4,5 / 4 voturi
Preț Moderat
Strada Vasile Alecsandri 3, Bacău
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Casa Rebeca este un restaurant cu specific internaţional, amenajat într-un cadru plin de istorie şi poveste. O poveste pe care o simţiţi în gust!

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Marți - Duminică
12:00 - 23:00


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4,5 / 4 voturi
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I Ioana
16 octombrie 2023 18:18 Rezervat în data de 15 octombrie 2023

S Sabina
22 iunie 2022 14:23 Rezervat în data de 22 iunie 2022

C Camelia
30 aprilie 2022 05:20 Rezervat în data de 29 aprilie 2022

A Adina
16 septembrie 2021 19:28 Rezervat în data de 16 septembrie 2021

Atmosfera destinsa si prietenoasa, mancarea si personalul spre f bine, din pacate nu am putut servi pizza , deoarece personalul a fost redistribuit, terasa fiind plina.

26 septembrie 2023 15:15

Great place, excellent food, good service, but you have to be ready to pay some very steep prices (for Romania and especially for Bacău).
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18 martie 2023 11:29

Located inside the hotel Dumbrava, Casa Rebeca offers a very nice dining experience. The food is simple, honest and very generous. Efficient service in a nice atmosphere. recommended.
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7 iulie 2023 16:34

Quite good. A little bit of a too intrusive waiter, but very knowledgeable and quite good.
Not 5 stars because of the "Şniţel Vienez" that is everything else but what the name suggest.
Even this one had a good taste. The green beans....amazing the potatoes ... great. Everything very wel cooked and wit a symphony of taste.
The water recommendations were more than good.
A great place with great food in Bacau center.

The bread heated in the microwave The garlic water instead of garlic, the soup so salty that you think they used water from the sea
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19 august 2023 21:16

I would not recommend it.
We waited 15 mimutes for someone to take our order and another 50 minutes to have the brought over. For a pizza and a salad.
It's that type of place where the waiters keep looking down or straight ahead as if to avoid having to take an order.
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4 iunie 2018 17:36

We really liked the outdoor patio seating. It is adjacent to the Hotel Dumbrava where we are staying. Great music and hip relaxing vibe. Loved the Ecuador Cocktail, and Penne Salmon pasta. They accept both cash and credit cards.
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