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Calea Marasesti 149, Bacău


Preț Moderat
Calea Marasesti 149, Bacău
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Restautant-pizzerie cu terasa. Pizza la cuptor cu lemne, specialitati culinare internaționale si cocktailuri exotice. Ambient relaxant.

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13 august 2020 09:12

Food wasn't too tasty, but we had to wait it over one hour, and after snack, then we had to wait a check. waiter just chatted in one corner and did nothing. After we ask other one, that girl had to go to say guy to do some work. After all, our schedule moved 2h, just for a burger. Next time we took mcdonalds. Sadly, place was nice looking
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8 aprilie 2017 12:58

It's a fine place to hang out, have a drink and eat something. I recommend the Bruschette, I tried the Primavera ones, also tomatoes and mozzarella bruschette, they are delicious. The serving is ok, also the waiting time. Last time I went there, the smell was an issue, I didn't like it. During the warm season, the terrace is a plus. The prices are average, and the location is central, easily to reach out.
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4 iunie 2019 15:15

Almost no service. You are waiting more than the waiters.

Like that! There! I said it.

You see like 3-4 of them physically holding the bar like is about to run away. All of them super into serving...

You could just order a pizza from another place and just eat it there on the terrace. They would probably won't notice.

But they do have a nice terrace. The food is good. Sometimes when they do have staff and not just zombies you can have a good time.

Prices are decent.

They do not serve cigarette.
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13 august 2020 00:17

We waited 1 hour for food. I ordered chicken breast with green pepper sauce and mashed potatoes. When I got my food, the mashed potatoes were missing and the chicken breast had no taste.
We waited for over 15 minutes for the bill, I had to go and pay at the desk because they completely forgot us.
We went to Mc Donald's which was next to get some milkshake, which was the best part of this night.
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22 iulie 2018 17:44

Had to wait 1 hour to get what we ordered (simple breaded cheese and fries!). Most of the listed menu was unavailable in the first place.
We were also told that we couldn't get a table on the terrace because it was booked, although there was barely anyone in the restaurant, and no one came during our (long) time in there.
Bathrooms were also really dirty, with no running water.
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