1. Please specify the desired type of table in the reservation request (restaurant table or bar/club table).

2. A booking requires telephone or an online confirmation from the requester, to remain valid. Our booking manager will call you on the scheduled day, until 16:00 for the confirmation.

3. On club reservations for Friday and Saturday nights a minimum expense of 600 lei is mandatory at a table for 5-6 persons and increases depending on the number of seats reserved.

4. The timing for bookings Fridays and Saturdays is divided into two periods:
One until 10:30 - 11:00 p.m. (restaurant / bar);
One starting at 11:00 - 11:30 p.m. (club).
5. We do not accept products from outside (we can provide offers for festive cakes).

6. Access is allowed only to people over 21 years.

7. An online booking request (web, email, facebook) becomes valid only after our phone confirmation.




NOMAD SKYBAR is a private property and reserves the right to select its customers.

In order to increase the quality of customer experience, the access in our location is subject to the acceptance of and compliance with the following rules of conduct:

The location reserves the right to deny access of customers, for the following reasons, including, but not limited to:

1. The client is under the minimum age limit of 21; the client may be required to present a valid identity card, in order to prove his/her age;
The outfit or behaviour of the customer fails to comply with the standards of the location;
The customer is under the influence or has consumed hallucinogenic substances;
2. The access with food and drink from outside the location is not allowed;

3. The access with any type of gun inside the location is not allowed;
the customer may be requested to present any bag/ luggage he/she cares with himself/herself for control in this respect;
his/her refusal might lead to the denial of his/her access in the location;
4. The access with pets inside the location is not allowed;

5. The departure from the location with bottles, glasses or any other kind of objects/items from inside is not allowed;

6. The location does not wear responsibility for objects lost or left unsupervised inside;

7. By entering the premises of the location, the customers give their consent for the dissemination of materials in which they might appear;

8. Taking photos or filming with professional equipment inside the location without the written consent of the management is not allowed;

9. The location reserves the right to refuse further serving alcohol to drunk persons. Customer, staff or business disruption, for any reason, may lead to exclusion from location;

10. The consumption of narcotic drugs or hallucinogenic substances within the location is strictly forbidden.

For potential complaints or referrals, please do not hesitate to contact the manager on duty or send an email to: Thank you for your understanding! ​​