Restaurant Robinson 1922

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Strada Muncii 10, Predeal, Valea Prahovei

Restaurant Robinson 1922

Preț Accesibil
Strada Muncii 10, Predeal, Valea Prahovei
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Restaurant Robinson renovat in 2020 avand o istorie de aproape 100 de ani a fost construit de boierul Robinson in 1922. Preparatele romanesti, turta pe plita, papanasii, snitelele l-au facut sa fie un simbol al gastronomiei Predealului de-alungul timpului.

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8 noiembrie 2020 15:15

Very good service, delicious food, cozy and nice scenery! A wonderful experience. Keep up the good work!
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19 august 2020 22:18

Horrible food. The meat was poorly cooked, half raw, many of the ingredients advertised in the menu where not on the plate, just keep away from this farce of a restaurant or stick to drinks if you find the garden enjoyable.
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27 decembrie 2019 16:22

Cosy, nice rooms pretty good cleaning. Breakfast was good. Verry involved personal tried to make sure we had a pleasant stay. So worth 5 stars.
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5 august 2020 21:19

This is by far the worst food experience I had in Romania.
The 1 star is for the place and the garden.
Let's start from the beginning...

1. I ordered a Mojito.
They brought me a Cuba Libre. Without recognising the error, they changed it... With a Mojito, made with mint sirup.
They told me they had no more fresh mint...

2. I ordered the Veal meat stew.
Well, there were exactly 5 pieces of meat, 1cm*1cm. So a total of 5 square cm of meat.
Veal meat? No! It was hard cow meat.

3. They didn't have 6 dishes shown on the menu. So bare in mind, that we asked for those 6 dishes, getting negative responses, before we ordered what we did.
Meaning our order was somehow directed by what they had available.

4. Prices? Well... High and well presented on the menu.

In conclusion... Avoid this place, even if you must eat the next day.
In case you think I'm not serious, please check my numerous reviews and see by yourself. I use to give good reviews.
But not this time
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28 august 2020 22:26

the best restaurant in Predeal
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