Preț Premium
Strada Clăbucetului 6, Bușteni, Valea Prahovei


Preț Premium
Strada Clăbucetului 6, Bușteni, Valea Prahovei
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Un amestec încântător de arome și culori în care preparatele fine se împletesc perfect cu ingrediente dăruite de pădure, pentru o experiență Fine Dining aparte în inima munților, acompaniată de incredibila priveliște a Platoului Bucegi.

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3 august 2022 11:31

Personally, I love everything about this place, starting of course with the food - the fine dining restaurant is one of the bests I have experienced - absolutely delicious, with very decent prices and amazingly looking. The staff is extremely polite and welcoming ♥️ Such sweethearts! And the rooms are super tidy and comfy - all you need for a relaxing week! Not to mention the view of the mountains - purely splendid! I also recommend the lovely jacuzzi in the evening 👏🏻👏🏻 Definitely I will return here as often as possible! All the best to the owners!
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28 aprilie 2022 11:33

Dear reader, I truly believe that the service I have received here was superior to the likes of high end establishments around the UK and Europe. I'll start with the location, stress free easy to find. The premises are (in my personal opinion) gorgeous, Zen... The food... Beautifully presented and excellent quality. The staff, I left the best part at the end.. In my 13 years in customer service, I have never felt treated like a god in such a professional manner... Wow! I'm happy I didn't read some of the feedback left by some unlucky people.
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7 august 2022 23:41

On of the best and beautiful hotels I ever visited in Romania. Staff was great and very hospitable, the view is magnificent , food was very delicious and outdoor jacuzzi enriches the entire experience. Very clean rooms with all amenities that one could ask for. I definitely recommend staying at Kayus.
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7 august 2022 22:53

Mixed feelings about this place... Definitely won't come back again or recommend it to anyone!
First if all, the place is very small for a hotel... it is rather a big guest house!
The prices are ridiculously high and the food is terrible!!!
The rooms are incredibly small, some light bulbs were burnt!
The rooms do not have air conditioning!
On the other hand, I liked the bathroom! Even if it is small as well, it really looks premium! Wowever, the bath products were in very small quantities.
The jacuzzi with the view of the mountains was quite nice, but also very expensive!
In conclusion, this place should be called a 2 stars guest house!
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2 august 2022 15:30

My mother and I had room 25. The drain was blocked. We couldn't take a proper shower, as we were afraid that the water could come through the door and wet the carpet in the room. The food wasn't particularly good. We had the beef, unfortunately was off and we couldn't eat it. The best part was the fantastic view. The downside, the receptionist could have mentioned about the road. Please be mindful as it is one way street.
On the day we left , we had waited for an hour in the morning to have our coffee, as we woke up early, 7 am. The receptionist was available from 8am to make a cup of coffee.
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