La Nea Marin

Preț Moderat
Românească, Internațională
Str. Grigore Alexandrescu 37, Timișoara

La Nea Marin

Preț Moderat
Românească, Internațională
Str. Grigore Alexandrescu 37, Timișoara
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La Nea Marin este unul dintre primele restaurante private deschise in anul 1995. E drept ca s-a pornit doar de la cateva mese, dar un lucru facut cu drag da intotdeauna roade. Ulterior, s-a mai construit un etaj si traditia merge mai departe. Vino sa savurezi o mancare sanatoasa, cu ingrediente naturale si vei fi multumit si omenit. Mancarurile savuroase sunt realizate cu produse din propria gospodarie si totul e la pret rezonabil. Credem cu mandrie in traditie si excelenta, sustinem mancarea sanatoasa si nu in ultimul rand oferim calitate si cantitate la un pret avantajos.

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23 aprilie 2023 04:31

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28 septembrie 2017 09:40

Old fashioned, poor food
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10 mai 2018 09:48

Good food!
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6 iunie 2023 18:32

I organized a baptism at the end of April. Everything was ok. It was helpful that we had little hassle as everything was included in the price of a menu and the owner worked directly with the photographer, DJ, pastry shop (where all the sweets were brought from, nothing from the restaurant). We paid for 50 menus (this was the minimum required) even though we only had 41 people, including 4 children (there was no children's menu, it's the same for everyone, but, kindly, they offer a special menu without pork if needed; and I asked for 3 menus where what was pork was replaced with more chicken or fish), but Mr. Vali explained that this is how he has to pay here and there: more for the photographer, more for the DJ, etc. .. However, at the end, after the event, Mr. Vali wrote to me and told me that he forgot to give us 5 takeaway menus, that they were left and that he was making up for it with a cake - and so I placed the order again in May of a 1.5kg cake for the husband. (I discussed the details of the cake with the people from Amra).

Very nice and kind staff: a waitress came to tell me if I wanted to bring my food to the compartment where I had personal things (cart, a table to change the little girl) being there with the little girl to take care of her.

We only had to discuss with the people from Amra about how we want the cake and the candy bar to be (I want a bit more cakes and more beautiful, we had to pay half here, the other half being provided by Mr. Vali from the payment menus and where he put fresh fruit and extra fruit), I also paid for part of the cake, to be paid separately 1000 ron for the waiters, I also made the balloon arch (from emag cheap and then he helped us put it on the board which belongs to the hall), there were also expenses related to everything the theme of the baptism meant (everything with the kitty); this is because we wanted a theme for the little girl, but the room is already set up. The hall is on the first floor with the toilets and the terrace below, you and your guests are awaited with champagne, good food: 4 courses (appetizer, soup, sarmale, roast pork and chicken with potatoes), you can get along with Mr. Vali whenever and however you want to end the event (bring the cake to the hall).

I had the best DJ (Dj Niels), even though I talked to him on the phone beforehand and you can also tell him in the hall if you want something, and so at the beginning of the event he asks you about the opening dance, etc. , I didn't know what I wanted and he was super understanding and somehow he knew how to put exactly what I liked and we all liked it, he watched what was going very well, the gentleman was exceptional with the music (I almost danced in -one).

With the photographer on the phone, we initially got along a little worse because we said that we were also doing a wedding and he didn't really agree, but then after he understood exactly what it was about (it was just the fact that there were 2 jobs and I didn't want pictures wedding specials and in the parks and go after x or y, that is, things related to the wedding but only the baptism) was good and he kept saying during the event that "let's take more pictures at x and y, let the guests come at the panel", etc. The pictures and videos turned out well and were given to me on DVDs in duplicate (cases); one for the godparents and one for us and later we got everything on the stick as well.

The candy bar was highly praised and I also received some of it at home and I got to taste more and yes, very tasty sweets (especially the cups, minipavlova, cupcakes... sooooo much actually; I didn't get the macarons, but the guests they super praised them).

I hope this review is useful.
Smile 🤗.
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9 iulie 2023 23:04

On 20.05.2023, with the help of Mr. Vali, we managed to have the most beautiful wedding! A superb location, beautifully decorated, with good taste and very clean!
The food was very good, the staff very nice and kind, and last but not least, Mr. Vali, a professional man, dedicated and involved in everything related to the event! Everything was discussed and prepared by us, together with Mr. Vali, we discussed what and how we would like everything to be, starting from the colors of the arrangement, until the last part of the Candy Bar, we had a dedicated, involved person who made sure everything was well prepared, everything was according to plan!
The food....we have no words but to praise it, very fresh, tasty, large portions and carefully prepared! The festive cake included in the menu prepared by Amra Confectionery, was fresh, and as an arrangement after the discussions with Mr. Alex, it looked even better than the one in the pictures i showed as a model!
The photographer and DJ from Mr. Vali's team, as professional and dedicated as the rest of the people (kitchen, waiters) from this team that we had the pleasure of getting to know!
A beautiful location, clean terrace, clean toilets, kind staff... we highly recommend, everything was exactly as we wanted!
We would like to thank once again Mr. Vali and all the people in his team, for the professionalism, involvement and dedication they showed before the event (at the discussions held beforehand about the preparation), during the event and after it!!
We recommend with love!!!
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