Grill to Chill

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Strada Eugeniu de Savoya 12, Timișoara

Grill to Chill

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Strada Eugeniu de Savoya 12, Timișoara
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Best Steak sau mai bine spus Grill To Chill , locul unde întâlnești gustul autentic al unui steak perfect Situat în inima Timișoarei, este locul ideal pentru întâlniri de business sau personale, cu prietenii sau familia, într-o ambianță primitoare și cu un meniu pe măsură! Grill to Chill este de departe cel mai apreciat steakhouse din vestul României. La noi găsești o mare varietate de carne de vita din intreaga lume, de la Black Angus Statele Unite, Australia, Noua Zeelandă chiar și Wagyu din Japonia! Te așteptăm să ne vizitezi ca să trăiești o experiență gastronomică unică, ce te va face să te îndrăgostești pe loc!

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C Cristina
29 ianuarie 2022 21:41 Rezervat în data de 29 ianuarie 2022

E Eduard
31 decembrie 2021 20:18 Rezervat în data de 31 decembrie 2021

A Alin
15 februarie 2020 21:29 Rezervat în data de 15 februarie 2020

Mancarea a fost delicioasa. Am servit muschiulet de vita SUA cu cartofi rupti.
La desert am mers pe cheesecake care a fost foarte bun si el.
Recomand cu incredere Grill to Chill

I Ion
18 septembrie 2019 21:39 Rezervat în data de 18 septembrie 2019

23 octombrie 2023 11:16

Really good ribs, I ordered them with sweet potatoes and they had a sweet spicy sauce.
Loved the overall experience.
The the drinks menu from the qr code seemed incomplete.
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8 iulie 2023 23:15

We stopped here to eat because of the good reviews my wife read on Trip Advisor.
The server was nice and very kind, she knew the menu and came out to ask for feedback regarding how the food tastes.
The food on the other hand…not good. I am going to start with the appetizers. We had “Jamon Iberico” and “beef tartar” (see the below photo). The beef tartar was okay, however, the Jamon Iberico was not Jamon Iberico, it didn’t have the acorn fed pork taste, the specific Iberico taste (I’ve had Jamon Iberico in Palma de Mallorca and in Romania several times before and cannot forget the original and remarkable taste of it; this was not it). It tasted more like “Jamon Serrano”, the much less expensive Jamon brand, however, we have paid for the Iberico brand which is much more expensive. Advertising something on the menu and serving something else is a scheme and we were conned.
The ribeye steak 🥩 we ordered it medium. It came rare, which is not a problem; I have asked the server to send it back to the kitchen and place it on the grill for another 2 minutes or so, however, it came back still rare and was not hot (as hot of the grill)…so that tells me that the chef didn’t place it on the grill. I have sent it back a second time and only then it came back better. The ribeye we have purchased it was advertised on the menu as North American Ribeye…I have lived in the US and eat American 🇺🇸 ribeye steaks. It was nothing like an US steak. The meat was chewy, low quality. So again, we were probably conned with the steak as well.
I will never eat here again and I do not recommend eating here. It was expensive and not worth the money 💵. We have paid around 720.00 Lei (the Romanian currency), around $160.00 and we gave the server a fair tip since it was not her fault and she was nice.
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15 februarie 2023 14:58

The place is small and cozy, the steak is fabulous and the service is perfect. The girl that served us knew her cuts and her wines. An experience that I've repeated gladly over the past years.

The steaks are still top quality, with plenty of cuts to choose from. If you want a bone-in cut, your waitress will let you know of the size before you order. The ribeye and tenderloin are hand cut and won't vary too greatly from the ~300g portion.

The wine and Prosecco selection has also improved in the past years, and you can now order bottles from multiple regions of the world, including Romania, Moldova, Italy, France, etc.
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7 mai 2023 12:02

Really cozy place in the center of Timisoara that serves a wide variety of tasty meat dishes. Definitely worth a visit if you are looking for good food
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26 septembrie 2018 17:06

I was amazed by the menu. You can find all the specialties you could expect from an American steakhouse. And also some local specialties.

I tried the tartare, the pastrami, the crushed potatoes and the baked potatoes (shared with my friend). The tartare was the best.
It's different from the one you can eat in Italy and other countries. Several ingredients are added to the meat. But the final result is very good.
The flavor is fresh and energizing. The texture is luxurious.

The crushed potatoes were a surprise. They were fried, but they had been crushed instead of sliced.

The place is elegant and quite and the waiter was professional. Finally, the price was cheap for the kind of dishes.
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