Complex Senator

Calea Lugojului 7, Timișoara
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Restaurant & garden Senator cu specific traditional

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Păreri despre "Complex Senator"

Soanna Chanis
16 decembrie 2017 03:29

I went there to a Christmas party of the company I'm working for and it was great! There can be weddings too.. i like this place!
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Daniel Nica
25 iunie 2017 15:04

The place it quite big, I would say, good really good for a wedding. :) It has a nice garden outside but inside the AC is not working as it should, that's why is to hot inside. The staff is pro, or at least it was at my table. :)
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On Air
13 iunie 2017 20:31

A bit expensive but it can be pleasant. Attended an event and the rooms were nice. One had an indoor swimming pool that was covered over with glass. A nice touch, but dangerous for small children.
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Ovidiu Farau
26 ianuarie 2018 15:40

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Ladislau Gal
26 mai 2017 10:42

Large place ,suitable for all kinds of party,meetings,fairs,etc
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