Casa Bunicii 2

4,3 / 7 voturi
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Strada Petofi Sandor 79, Timișoara

Casa Bunicii 2

4,3 / 7 voturi
Preț Accesibil
Strada Petofi Sandor 79, Timișoara
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Casa Bunicii 2 a venit ca o continuare firească, o soră a primului restaurant. În același spirit al tradiției bănățene, cu locul de joacă atât de căutat de copii și părinți deopotrivă, dar localizată in localitatea Dumbrăvița, in mijlocul celei mai populate zone rezidentiale.

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4,3 / 7 voturi
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2 septembrie 2021 20:16

Delicious food, quiet place, nice garden with a little pond with goldfish. Good customer service and fair prices.
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14 octombrie 2021 19:34

Great Service, great food!

Today were in a hurry* and we had a fast service. The food was delicious! The servier, Claudio handled the high-pressure situation of the rush really well. Thank you Claudio! I also recommend the food here - especially asparagus for side dish, it is really well done. Great place!

*we talked about this with the servier
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4 ianuarie 2021 17:20

I have no major complains with my orders to this restaurant until today. Within the two menus ordered via Glovo I’ve received a chicken grill which was clearly old/expired meat. It smells badly even well grilled, therefore I cannot imagine in any way that the raw meat can escape to a rough verification before cooking it. I’ve tried twice to call the restaurant to provide a feedback without success. To me this is unacceptable and at the same time very dangerous. It is sufficient to happen only once. Considering this I will not risk to order again. You must take more seriously the quality check before delivering it to your customers.
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31 mai 2021 08:55

A place where we go every time with pleasure to spend time with the family!
Great services, the food is really tasty and the place is very child friendly. You can find meals for children, playground inside and outside.
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29 mai 2021 09:53

Please debone the fish file
Resonable prices. Cristal clean
Good services.
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