Casa Bunicii 2

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Strada Petofi Sandor 79, Timișoara
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Casa Bunicii 2 a venit ca o continuare firească, o soră a primului restaurant. În același spirit al tradiției bănățene, cu locul de joacă atât de căutat de copii și părinți deopotrivă, dar localizată in localitatea Dumbrăvița, in mijlocul celei mai populate zone rezidentiale.

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Păreri despre "Casa Bunicii 2"

30 iunie 2019 18:17

Food is OK however nothing special about it and not too many choices. Last time I went my potatoes tasted extremely old and it felt like I was eating rubber.
Place is very big. Their outdoor garden is beautiful, even with a small waterfall.
They also have a kids zone, however the main entrance to the garden and kids zone is immediately near a road and you can't see through the fence, so it may be a little dangerous to leave kids unsupervised or even out of your sight for one second
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Cata Ierco
4 august 2019 16:20

Cute location. Mediocre-to-bad service. We waited for 40 minutes only to be served cold food.
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Deiana Maria
25 august 2019 20:46

Wow. Great place. Big terase. We didn't wait to much for our food, the meat was fresh, tasty aaand I loooved the ice-cream, 100%home made😍. Fur sure I will return to this place. Another good point-> I had a parking place✔️
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Andrei Ripa
12 august 2019 13:48

Excelent food but they don't have a good cooling system outside, if you want to eat there during a hot summer day
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a marius
9 mai 2019 20:40

The food tastes good. Great service. Always glad to come back here...
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