Caffé Museum Leonardo da Vinci

Strada Simion Bărnuțiu 52, Timișoara
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Arta, Confort, Calitate, Intimitate, Muzica relaxanta. Toate acestea fac din Caffe Museum Leonardo da Vinci un loc unic. Un loc special. Un loc in care poti savura o bautura de calitate, in timp ce admiri creatiile ,,Omului Universal'' Leonardo da Vinci.

Art, Comfort, Quality, Intimacy, Relaxing Music. All these make from Caffe Museum Leonardo da Vinci a unique place. A special place. A place where you can enjoy a high quality beverage, while you admire the creations of ,,The Universal Man” Leonardo da Vinci.

A quiet and nice place, with varied series of beverage, with a well trained and attentive personnel. All these represent Caffe Museum Leonardo da Vinci.

Arte, Conforto, Qualita, Intimita, Musica rilassante…grazie a tutto questo Caffe Museum Leonardo da Vinci e un posto unico. Un posto speciale, un posto dove puoi assaporare una bevanda di qualita mentre guardi le creazioni ,,dell’ Uomo Universale”, Leonardo da Vinci.

Un posto sereno e piacevole, dove puoi scegliere tra tanti sortimenti di bevande e con un personale ben preparato ed attento. Tutto questo rapresenta Caffe Museum Leonardo da Vinci.

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Păreri despre "Caffé Museum Leonardo da Vinci"

Ro C.
6 martie 2016 11:08

Great coffee and place, also great thieves .. both waitresses stole money from before my eyes and denied it. Poor girls, I cannot imagine what their manager puts them through to actually behave like this. Pretty sad! Never put a step there again!!!
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Dragos Damian
17 aprilie 2017 22:47

Pretty decent service and good prices, nice for a morning cafe. Only downside is the cold inside
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Voicu Tonenchi
23 decembrie 2016 23:49

The best serving. Good coffe.
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Bogdana Damian
15 august 2017 20:02

Nice coffee and great hot chocolate
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Laurentiu Gherase
4 iunie 2017 18:53

Good place to have a coffee!
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