Preț Moderat
Strada Zorilor 6C, Suceava


Preț Moderat
Strada Zorilor 6C, Suceava
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Localizat în cartierul George Enescu, în zona Albina, Pizzeria Pepenero a reușit să atragă în decursul timpului clienți din toate zonele orașului Suceava și nu numai. Din anul 2015 ne-am mutat într-o locație nouă, mult mai generoasă în privința spațiului dar care se află în imediata apropiere a vechiului spațiu în care am început să facem și să livrăm pizza.

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Luni - Vineri
07:30 - 23:00
Sâmbătă - Duminică
08:00 - 23:00


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9 august 2023 13:23

My recommendation is to dine in. The food is very good and tasty. The problem is when you order to dine at home. In my opinion when you get for example pizza to take away, the quality is lower in comparison to the pizza that you get when you dine in.
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24 noiembrie 2020 18:42

I'd say it is an excellent place, a must visit restaurant + open terace.
Now, with the current restrictions in state at the moment that I am writing this review, when closed spaces can not serve food on place but only take away, while open spaces can do both.
So, I was pleasantly surprized to find this cute fancy modern place, for a non alc beer, a coffee, a caffee latte, or even a meal, like a pizza or a fancy salad.
The waiters are extremely kind and nice, attentive to your needs.
I strongly reccommend this place !!!
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18 mai 2019 18:48

First time going there since they opened and I decided to try the pizza because of high recommendations. It tasted great, with a crisp crust and balanced toppings. The menu gives many options, so there is definitely something for everyone. I wouldn't go as far as saying it is the best pizza in town, but it's getting there. I can only give 4 stars because the staff didn't raise to the level of the food. The waiters were bored, distracted and very slow. We were a party of 3 with a simple order, but had to ask for cutlery three times. I would go back to try some other dishes, for sure.
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22 mai 2022 14:38

loved their aperol cocktail and my husband still talks about their chicken sandwich. service was great. we stayed on the terrace so we can smoke, rain started and the terrace closed slowly shielding us from the rain.. was cool to see that in Suceava. this was my second time there.. last time i ate their apperitive plate which i still dream about. delicious food and great service
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22 ianuarie 2020 11:00

It's a little bit crowded in the morning because everyone wants to drink coffee or eat breakfast but the staf will find you a table no matter what if you have a passion for motorbikes you'll find a cute red scooter right at the front door it's quite eye-catching because it's red (it has a spare tire too like a car). Idk how tasty the food there but it smelled nice when I was there so probably the food is tasty too. I just had a latte there with my friends and I was pleased with the atmosphere.
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