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Strada Ștefan cel Mare 28, Suceava

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Locul în care geometria gustului își dă întâlnire cu voia bună.

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C Cătălin
11 decembrie 2020 01:15 Rezervat în data de 10 decembrie 2020

15 februarie 2021 09:39

I arrived at Eker on Valentine's Day and being in a pandemic, a reservation was required in advance, which was pointed out about 3 days before. Once there, we were greeted very warmly and directed to our table (by staff who seemed little known to us - they were transferred from Mozaik 🙈, which is very beneficial). Being a larger gang, we decided to try as many dishes on the menu as possible, so we ordered about 10 different dishes, plus dessert. The waiting time was very satisfactory and the plating was sensational, as you rarely see at restaurants in the Suceava area. After watching each other's food, we discovered that the tastes were very well placed on the plate. It was a real culinary feast to eat at Eker, the prices are decent and tasteful, the prices of wine bottles as well, as well as their quality (they have a careful selection of good wines), the staff is very jumpy and attentive, it was a successful evening and we will definitely return to Eker. A great addition to the idea with dental floss and disinfectant wipes at the table! Thank you and we wish you success!
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11 august 2020 09:42

Staff really nice and friendly, and the food was super nice as well. On each table there is a disinfectant spray for customers to use. Staff also wear face masks and gloves while working. I ordered a portion of wholemeal pasta with smoked salmon and octopus, which was incredible.
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16 februarie 2021 19:06

Amazing food, great staff, nice ambient!
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27 august 2020 22:35

Amazing food and great people
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1 februarie 2021 11:11

Good food, the staff is nice. I will go again.
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