The Dripper

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Strada Vasile Alecsandri 9, Oradea

The Dripper

Preț Moderat
Strada Vasile Alecsandri 9, Oradea
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Born in Oradea, Romania - We are an independent specialty coffee shop. Serving delicious brunch, homemade cakes, local wine & more. #wearethedripper

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09:00 - 22:00


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5 iunie 2022 14:03

Went here with a friend to get some late breakfast. The staff are friendly and helpful. The prices are about average.

The order came quite fast, even though the place was almost full. The Bacon Bun was amazing, the scrambled eggs were perfect and it had a nice sauce that complemented it. The Omlette with mushrooms and goat cheese was nice too.

I tried their Charcoal Latte with an extra shot of espresso. It looks interesting, the charcoal does not affect the taste of the Latte.

All in all, really nice here, definitely go visit.
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4 ianuarie 2022 08:22

If you are in Oradea and you are wondering where you should have a nice breakfast than think no more, there is no better place than The Dripper! We went twice on our stay in the city, both times we were really satisfied with everything, from the staff to the food. Their English breakfast is the best I have ever tried! Also their staff speaks English which is a plus for foreigners. I can highly recommend it!
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27 martie 2022 15:57

Wonderful breakfast / all day brunch place, loved the menu and the coffee & drinks selection. The staff was very nice and friendly and recommended we go visit their coffee factory on Primăriei 35 street, where they roast and prepare fresh coffee beans. Had a lovely experience there as well.
P.S. the pancakes are delicious! 🥞
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28 februarie 2022 11:30

Been there in December. Absolutely loved it!
Best coffee I had in a long time. I totally recommend it.
The sepia ink burger bread was a bit odd, but otherwise, everything Lovely.
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1 octombrie 2022 11:33

Delicious breakfast. eggs and pancakes were really nice. the drinks were refreshing. The Coffee exquisite. Will return next time I'm in town.
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