Edison Pub

Preț Moderat
Piata Unirii 2-4, Oradea

Edison Pub

Preț Moderat
Piata Unirii 2-4, Oradea
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Dacă cauți un pub unde poți să îți savurezi cafeaua sau să te distrezi până dimineața, ei bine, l-ai găsit. Te așteptăm la Edison Pub!

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Luni - Duminică
10:00 - 23:00


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22 mai 2021 18:46

The terrace was reasonably clean, service was fast and the server was really nice.

The lemonade I’ve ordered had a strong detergent taste, like they haven’t rinsed the glass after washing it.
Quite disappointing, especially considering that the lemonade was on the expensive side, taking into account the average price of the drink at similar places.
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1 mai 2018 14:04

You can enjoy a good cup of coffee while watching the beautiful center of the city with many historical buildings. It is also close to many turistic locations. In hot days it is a breezy place. Unfortunately the waiters are not very friendly.
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21 august 2023 15:58

I ordered a classic lemonade. I got a glass of water with very little lemon juice. Prices are of course like in the city center. The products are worse than in the slum.
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1 august 2019 13:11

Pub with good music and artisanal alcoholic drinks.
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2 iulie 2018 21:01

Super slow service, servers not serving , they just left things middle of your table. And beer wasn’t cold. They were rude.

Update: for this comment , a blond lady come and fight with us and they kinda forced us to delete this post. I never faced this kinda situation before. It was nightmare!

Pointing out people not cool I know but in this situation, I kinda have to.
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