Black Wolf

Preț Moderat
Strada Stefan Octavian Iosif 7, Oradea

Black Wolf

Preț Moderat
Strada Stefan Octavian Iosif 7, Oradea
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Primul restaurant Black Wolf din Romania s-a deschis la Oradea! Black Wolf vine cu un concept nou in ceea ce priveste restaurantul, deoarece totul se pregateste in fata clientului. In local sunt 3 insule:Pizza, Salate, Cafea și Desert. Black Wolf aduce noutati si in materie de preparate. Cafea de origine, preparata in diferite tipuri de extractie, cum ar fi Aeropress, V60, Cold Brew, French press, Chemex, Water dripper, Syphon, Moka, Napoletana sau Espresso.Cafeaua Costadoro, cu o istorie impresionanta, originara din Torino, este una dintre cele mai bune cafele din lume. Pizza este atent pregatita si vine cu o surpriza: poate fi cu blat negru, multicereale sau clasic. Doar la Black Wolf gasesti acest produs!Pastele artizanale, aduse direct din Italia, pot fi combinate cu diferite sosuri, gatite in retete italiene.

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4 martie 2022 18:08

I am a person that I am looking at the details and love food.
Let's start with the negative part.
Firstly everytime I went here the tables were dirty.
Secondly, the prices are a little bit high.
Thirdly, you have to go and order the food and pick up the food when is done, more like a fast food place.
Let's get to the positive part
Firstly, I love to eat, and this is a very good place to eat.
Firstly, everytime I went to this place the food was delicious.
Secondly, I came two times in a row especially for the Black Wolf Burger, it was delicious. I tried the pancakes with caramelized apples and they were fluffy and a perfect combination with the caramelized apples. I trie a very nice drink with apples, tasty. The coffee is really good too.
In conclusion I recommend this place.
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28 ianuarie 2019 23:51

Nice coffee shop, very pretty and good looking interior. Really love this style. When you come in you get a personal card, with this you can order food, drinks and lovely snacks at every counter. From pizza, sweet pastries, coffee, pastas and more. When you leave you scan the card card and pay what you have ordered. Nice concept, pretty expensive tough.
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17 mai 2021 08:49

Interesting place, average food.

The restaurant itself was quite nicely decorated, although the interior chairs were a bit lacking comfort-wise.

The food is priced like at any other similar place, but the pizza was a bit lacking. It looked great, but the taste was not on par with the looks. Wasn’t bad, but I certainly expected some better ingredients or an overall better taste.
Also tried a lemonade a few days ago, that was possibly the worst in-house made lemonade I’ve drank in the city. It was more or less an expensive glass of icy water with a few drops of lemon extract. I would advise against ordering it.

The staff was not really engaging, and, while the decor was nice, the cleanliness/maintenance of the place was what I’d say is the bare minimum to be considered acceptable. The tables, while reasonably clean, still had a few odd, sticky spots, and their solution for a fridge which was leaking some water was to put a “Caution! Wet!” sign up, and leave it as is. In the two hours I’ve been there, nobody bothered mopping up the water, even though it covered quite a sizeable chunk of the floor.

They use a card system, which was quite interesting; you get a card, and then everything you order, gets put on that card (you need to scan it when ordering). When you’re ready to pay, they scan the card and calculate your total bill. It’s very similar to ordering food/services at a hotel and putting it on the room.

Interesting concept, but quite confusing, especially when considering that there are 3 separate “bars” or places where you can order from, so the ordering experience is not centralised nor streamlined.

I’d consider the restaurant a place with quite some potential if some improvements are to be made. I’ll certainly revisit in hope of an improved experience.
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28 martie 2023 11:47

I ordered English Breakfast, in the menu was added mushrooms too but the plate came without mushrooms.Even the staff said they never added mushrooms in the plate...the portion was small and 0 taste.
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20 mai 2019 12:25

they do deliver the WOW!
flawless design, concept and staff.
delicious coffee and food.
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