Casa Hrisicos

Preț Moderat
Strada Traian 1, Litoral

Casa Hrisicos

Preț Moderat
Strada Traian 1, Litoral
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Restaurantul Casa Hrisicos face parte din hotelul cu acelasi nume. Hotel care este unul din primele ale Romaniei ce poate fi controlat si cu ajutorul smartphone-urile de catre oaspeți. Clădirea duce mai departe povestea locului și reintră în circuitul hotelurilor cu renume istoric.

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19 septembrie 2022 17:21

This is my second stay here at hotel "Casa Hrisicos" after staying here last year for over two weeks during my business trip. This time, during my one week stay, my positive impressions from my first visit were even surpassed !
The hotel is clean and nice, very friendly hotel staff and also the location is ideal.
A special thanks goes to the manager of the hotel, Ms. Adriana Anghel.
She knows how to run a hotel as she is very friendly and helpful in order to make your stay perfect !
Thank you for the amazing stay and until next time at "Casa Hrisicos".
Kind regards and best of luck,
Y. Jajeh
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27 noiembrie 2020 20:53

This is by far the best hotel I’ve ever stayed in Romania.
Excellent accommodation conditions: modern furniture, fully equipped, extremely clean.
Also, great staff. This hotel is the proof that quality tourism services can be provided to guests who want the best experience when traveling.
Overall, I highly recommend spending some quality time at Casa Hrisicos.
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22 iunie 2021 11:53

Cozy place, with a touch of industrial and art nouveau style , modern and clean rooms with new furniture. The personnel is welcoming and friendly. The location is perfect, in the centre of the old town, surrounded by lovely restaurants and terraces. Loved the fact that they tailor made my breakfast, considering my vegan preferences. I will definitely return :).
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21 august 2020 09:08

One of the best hotels I ever stayed in.
The newly renovated building offers big rooms, very comfortable bed, and high-quality room accessories.
Excellent client service. All the hotel staff was very polite and respectful.
The location is fantastic, offering you one of the nicest breakfast views.
I will definitely come back. Thank you.
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30 iulie 2020 17:34

The hotel is modern (newly renovated), cosy and has an amazing view of a square and the sea. Very soft beds, fresh breakfast, and extremely kind and customer focused staff - there are some old reviews complaining about this but I think management changed because the new team is great. Also they are following covid rules by wearing masks and serving breakfast outside. Would def recommend
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