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Drumul Pescarilor 20, Olimp, Litoral

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C Carmen
22 august 2020 12:06 Rezervat în data de 21 august 2020

13 august 2020 21:14

We came here as we love the Bucharest restaurant and wanted to try the sea version. What a dissapoinment this was!This place doesn’t do justice to the Bucharest one. The food was average, overpriced. Same wine was more expensive here. Deserts were very poor and untasty. Service was average. Food was basic, you can find it everywhere. Also, the waiters are not wearing protection mask.
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25 august 2020 17:19

Hard to reach, but they serve very good and exquisite food.
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29 iunie 2020 20:12

Great cozy place by the sea! Very good food & awesome service!
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16 septembrie 2020 23:02

In short, I wanted to waste time reviewing this place, but I lingered ...
At what pompous presentations I saw and so many paid commercials I expected to live an experience.
Unfortunately, when I arrived and tried to disinfect the child seat, I was brought a bottle of spray and 2 napkins and I was told: "Please!". And I, being relaxed and in a good mood, because I was just on vacation, complied. I took the spray and the napkins and started washing the chair.
I ordered a fish squeezer and some second-rate rapans, and my wife shells. I got the soup and the rapan at the same time. I ate the juicer with the thought that in Bucharest on the menu of the day everywhere there are better soups than what I have on my plate. But I was hungry and in a good mood so I didn't comment. All this time the rapans took the air temperature and I ate them all because I was hungry, not because they were good. Their only advantage was that they were soft, the chef's talent, if you boil them long enough they soften. When I finished them, my wife's shells also appeared. There is no point in commenting on them, but I recommend the Fishermen's Stop with you. Otherwise, we didn't have napkins on the table, we didn't ask for waiters, we didn't see that they were all talking stories and cigarettes in the bar area, we didn't receive cutlery from the start, we had to ask. Too bad, I have
Stayed 3 days in Olympus, we could eat 9 meals or 2 people at Anika, if it was good and nice. But so, I ate one and left a conclusive review, I hope. All the best!
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10 august 2020 17:49

The area, less frequented, is slightly wild, semi-arranged, but very beautiful and with some interesting accommodation locations. Tasty food, not very expensive (but not even cheap), serving as a holiday. That is, at the table we ordered non-alcoholic beer and we received normal beer or another day we waited 20 minutes to bring us a menu, another 20 to take our order and the food came in 10 minutes. All in all, it wasn't bad, I liked it. The problem is that, although the tables are spaced apart and I have seen containers with disinfectant solutions (which I hope are used) and the program ends at 11 pm, not all staff wear protective masks correctly. To many it covered only the mouth, to some only the chin. And in these conditions, more responsibility is needed from the employees as well. It would also be for their good that they work now for us, those who come on vacation.
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