Gradinile Romane

Preț Moderat
Contemporană, Internațională, Brunch
Comuna Hangu Sat Chirit, Neamț

Gradinile Romane

Preț Moderat
Contemporană, Internațională, Brunch
Comuna Hangu Sat Chirit, Neamț
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Situata pe 7000 mp pe malul lacului Izvorul Muntelui (Bicaz), pensiunea Gradinile Romane oferă o experiență de lux inspirată din stilul Imperiului Roman

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28 august 2021 16:53

What an amazing view, worth the money.
Good services and nice people.
In my opinion you should choose the location if you stay and enjoy it.
If you want to discover the region the position is in disadvantage as you need to circle the lake each time.
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19 august 2021 14:46

The road was not so bad like few people complained here.
View and location was amazing.
The only downside is distance from other restaurants nearby. But if you want something that's missing from menu, you can talk with host about what you want to eat and they will try to make you happy.
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18 iunie 2021 09:07

Fabulous place ! We have booked it for one night in June and were amazed by the views, great food, clean room and very comfortable bed, so we stayed for another night. Staff was very friendly and helpful, food was delicious and everything looked very clean all around. We are unlucky with the weather, but we have enjoyed every moment spent here.
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21 august 2021 00:01

If you want to find everything in just one place, come here and you'll find peace, amazing panorama, nice people, great food and so on.
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25 august 2021 15:43

I came back for the second year in a row, and it was a disappointing experience.
Room prices have increased considerably compared to last year, but this is not reflected in the quality of services.
Although we had a reservation for three rooms made two months ago, we were given rooms on separate floors, in different corners of the building. When we asked why we can't have at least two adjacent rooms, we were told that we didn't specify this in advance.
This is not ok, since the balconies are shared and you don't have any kind of privacy. That's how we ended up sharing the balcony with some strangers.
The food is very expensive for what it offers (except for the soups which are really good). For example, half a duck breast, with some barbecue sauce taken directly from the shelf, some puree made from a medium-sized potato and a handful of canned beans costs around 50 lei.
Kayak rental price: 50 lei per hour. This is similar to what you would find in Switzerland.
And the icing on the cake came on the last day, when I went down to breakfast and didn't actually find anything to eat. And it was 9 o'clock. Attached, a picture taken at the moment.
I asked if I could bring any more eggs or scrambled eggs, and they said they couldn't find the cook. Also, there were no cups of coffee or tea, no plates. Terrible. I finally settled for some pastrami and bread with butter and jam. But the rest of the group ate nothing. For the little baby, luckily we had something brought by us, otherwise he was hungry.
And at 40 lei breakfast per person you at least expect to have something to eat.

In conclusion, the location, the rooms, the cleanliness are top notch. Too bad the service leaves much to be desired. And the prices are enormously high for what is on offer. At 90 euros per room plus about 80 euros per food and drink per day, it is in the price range of a top rated all inclusive on the Bulgarian coast in high season, but the services leave a lot to be desired.

PS: I forgot to mention that two rooms were not ready when we arrived, at 3 pm, and we had to wait until around 5 pm (accommodation is theoretically done starting at 2 pm)

PS2: all the praise for the waitress from Rep. Moldova, I did not remember her name. Very friendly and helpful, made our stay much more pleasant.
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