Gradinile Romane

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Comuna Hangu Sat Chirit, Neamț

Gradinile Romane

5,0 / 6 voturi
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Contemporană, Internațională
Comuna Hangu Sat Chirit, Neamț
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Situata pe 7000 mp pe malul Lacului Izvorul Muntelui, Pensiunea Gradinile Romane oferă o experiență de lux inspirată din stilul Imperiului Roman . Restaurantul oferă produse provenite din livezile și grădinile zonei iar spațiile de cazare reflectă comfortul si rasfatul demn de un Caesar. Cu un cadru natural uluitor și 7000 de metri pătrați de spații pentru evenimente, pensiunea este locul ideal pentru relaxare, team building-uri si reuniuni. Vei fi răsfățat cu cazarea de cinci stele, un peisaj de basm, specialități culinare delicioase și nu în ultimul rând de personalul nostru, atent la toate dorințele tale. Cele 14 camere, confortabile și spațioase, sunt pregătite să-ți ofere o ședere de vis. Dispuse pe 3 niveluri, cu un design rafinat, finisaje de lux și dotări de cinci stele camerele noastre sunt proiectate să te alinte! Accesul catre Gradinile Romane se face din drumul județean care leagă orașul Bicaz cu Poiana Teiului, coboarind 500m pe un drum de țară, neasfaltat, până pe malul lacului.

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5,0 / 6 voturi
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D Dan
4 februarie 2024 19:48 Rezervat în data de 4 februarie 2024

I Iuliana
21 august 2023 08:22 Rezervat în data de 20 august 2023

I Ioana
5 august 2023 15:00 Rezervat în data de 5 august 2023

N Nicu
3 iunie 2023 07:56 Rezervat în data de 1 iunie 2023

L Louana
30 iunie 2022 15:52 Rezervat în data de 30 iunie 2022

G Georgiana
28 mai 2022 20:17 Rezervat în data de 28 mai 2022

17 septembrie 2023 09:16

I recently had the pleasure of staying at this location and it was an absolute delight from start to finish. The rooms were spacious, clean, and thoughtfully decorated, offering stunning views of the lake. The comfortable beds ensured a restful night's sleep, and the amenities provided were top-notch. The hotel staff were incredibly friendly and attentive. If you're looking for a peaceful getaway, surrounded by natural beauty, exceptional service, and comfortable accommodations, I wholeheartedly recommend booking a stay here. I can't wait to return for another visit and immerse myself in the serenity of this lakeside paradise once again.
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31 august 2023 19:06

The place itself is very nice and clean. The room I was in was spacious and was plenty for my family of four and nicely decorated (gotta fix up the electrical wires hanging out of the walls though). The shared balcony was lovely, with a great view. The bathroom was also very large, had a great walk-in shower, fancy sink and all that great stuff. It even had a bidet (I think). The grounds are very nice and well manicured. Beautiful lawn for the kids to run around on, or for people to eat their dinner on where they have a few tables set up under tents. Plenty of relaxing spots under the trees to soak in the view. Lunch/Dinner options were very tasty and kid friendly if you ask for basic meals. There's also plenty of space for parking. Would I go back again? Of course.

A couple of things worth calling out though, which is why I'm deducting one star from the rating. The internet was not reliable at least in our room. The wi-fi extenders are in the stairwell and I suppose couldn't penetrate the cement walls to reach us in our rooms. Kids like their iPads during downtime, so they had to sit in the hallway to play their online games.

The "road" to the hotel is nightmarish. It is narrow and unpaved, with many, many bumps along the way. Make sure your car is strong enough for the short, off-roading experience...or at least have good insurance in case the suspension drops off your car.

The free breakfast leaves much to be desired. It's the same exact thing every day...poached eggs, borderline raw bacon, a tasty omelet thing and other staple items you'll find for breakfast throughout Romania and Europe...deli meats, tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, pastries, orange juice (tasted like Tang!), etc. There's also a single cup coffee machine similar to Keurig's which usually has a line of people waiting for it. It's not horrible, but after three days of the same thing, I was getting bored with it.

Lastly, "beach access" is awful. You go down some stairs towards the lake, but then it's just a rocky slope to the water. You can't sit there or anything like that. You might slip and hurt yourself if you're not careful. The kids didn't care. They went down there and enjoyed the water. Fortunately there's a floating dock there with a couple of random chairs so I was able to hang out there...although an umbrella of some sort would be nice to prevent the hot August sun from searing me. Again, kids liked it cuz they could jump off of it.

Are the above cons deal breakers? No, not at all. I'm just posting an honest review with my opinions. If they can fix up those little things, I'd give it five stars.
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3 septembrie 2023 01:34

Great place to visit ,beautiful views and great host.! She is very friendly and down to earth. Highly recommended this place to visit. You will never forget the view's . There just breath taking
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15 august 2023 18:24

A wonderful hotel on the shore of Bicaz Lake. Very big and modern rooms with modern bathrooms.
We had a wonderful dinner at the hotel. Super tasty food and great service.
Great and tasty breakfast.
Free parking 🅿️ place.
Highly recommended.
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10 octombrie 2023 13:17

Excellent location, very quiet and big and comfortable rooms. Not only the staff, but also the hotel owners were very friendly and polite. Congratulations!
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