Hanul Dacilor

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Şoseaua Bucium 73G, Iași

Hanul Dacilor

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Şoseaua Bucium 73G, Iași
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Hanul Dacilor este locul unde poti simti ospitalitatea oamenilor din dulcele targ al Iesilor.

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11:00 - 22:00


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22 noiembrie 2017 07:17

It is an amazing place for those who like retro and rustic style. The food at their restaurant is not expensive and very tasty.Also the waiter I have encountered was very polite and respectful.You don't have to wait too long, and even if you do, you can enjoy the retro style and the traditional music that is played here. So it's not big deal. Also their rooms are designed into a style that combines retro with contemporary, and the breakfast is free for every guest. Really nice place
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28 mai 2019 23:09

At the Dacian Inn I felt at home. A very pleasant and warm atmosphere. But the best of all I tasted the traditional dishes and especially because they were made by them, they made me think of the food my grandmother was doing. I'm glad that tradition still exists today. I recommend you to eat from this restaurant, you will not regret it.
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5 februarie 2018 21:55

Mâncare tradițională românească foarte bună!
Cibo tradizionale romeno molto buono!
Very good traditional Romanian food!
Sehr feines traditionelles rumänisches Essen!
Comida tradicional romena muy buena!
Très bonne nourriture traditionnelle roumain!
Heel goed traditioneel roemeens eten!
Oчень хорошая традиционная румынская кухня!
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24 iulie 2016 09:08

Good food, but the music is way too loud and the personnel is horrible. They seem to try to avoid serving anyone. You have to try hard to get their attention. On one occasion they denied us merging 2 tables (16 people), even though we called to book a table for 16 people. We had to leave and we couldn't even get in touch with someone in management.
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5 august 2018 13:09

It used to be great, now not so much. We waited a lot to get someone to take our orders. The waiter didn't know the menu and when my order finally arrived it was different than what I ordered. Maybe they lost staff or their chef but it's terribile now
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