Aroma Ristorante e Pizzeria

Preț Moderat
Românească, Italiană
Strada Stefan cel Mare, Pascani 13, Iași

Aroma Ristorante e Pizzeria

Preț Moderat
Românească, Italiană
Strada Stefan cel Mare, Pascani 13, Iași
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New Art a devenit A'ROMA Ristorante e Pizzeria. Acum găsiți la noi bucate alese, gătite de bucătari premiați, cu specific italian si românesc. Servim peste si fructe de mare, pizza, paste, aperitive, ciorbe, salate si desert,precum si meniul de BarCaffe.

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Luni - Duminică
09:00 - 23:00


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7 noiembrie 2021 22:54

Super slow service. Closed terrace, but quite cold. Food quality don't match the prices. Have a place we're you can let your kids to play and have cameras to keep an eye on them. Overall the local is clean and the music volume is not disturbing.
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20 septembrie 2021 19:30

One of the better places to hang out in Pascani.
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23 iunie 2021 15:14

Good place for chilling and meal food, positive vibe and nice attitude from personal who they work there..I just recommend this place
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3 ianuarie 2022 00:00

Very nice place, very good food (pizza)
But the girls who took over tonight left much to be desired
Actually after we entered the restaurant and sat down at the table, and we waited 20 minutes, and we saw that no one came to give us a menu, we had to go and serve ourselves, after a pizza, which arrived relatively quickly and it was very tasty, we waited again for someone to come clean the table and that is dessert u, same story, 20-25 minutes until we got bored of waiting, and we went again to ask for information while we waited ...
I repeat, the food was very good, but unfortunately the table service left much to be desired ...
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26 august 2021 22:49

The location of the restaurant on google maps is wrong, the real location is across the road from what appears on Google Maps (on Ștefan cel Mare street).
Good service for a late hour and large number of orders.
A good place for an evening out with friends or family (especially if you have children, the restaurant has a playground that has video cameras and you can see the child sitting at the table, probably very practical for parents).
Pros: 2.4 Ghz wireless but also 5Ghz.

P.s very good food.
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