La Mesteceni

Salicea 86, Cluj

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Un loc minunat, in imediata apropiere a orasului Cluj-Napoca. Pensiune, restaurant, piscina si mult bun-gust!

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Luni - Duminică
09:00 - 22:00


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2 septembrie 2020 09:06

I was to the swimming pool. The place is nice but they said that the pool for kids is with warm water which was not true, exactly the same as in other places around Cluj. Also they did not had ice cream in the middle of the summer. But in rest everything was great.
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24 iulie 2020 20:18

Pool nice, service not so. It's obvious that the place was well thought but the staff does not measure. We went of half a day to relax at the pool. Apart for the fact that they were very unwelcoming, the chair and tables were not wiped from the last night's rain, the pool area was not cleaned from leaves. However the water in the pool was very clean, and surprisingly warm. We also had lunch which was ok.
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9 august 2020 15:20

Great food, friendly staff. A great location for a quiet lunch.
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10 martie 2020 14:27

I like the place because it gives a nice home feeling. Our family goes there twice a month and we enjoy the view. About the place itself is rustic, a clean toilet, an open kitchen, nice people that are open to make you feel welcomed. They also have a pool, with a smart policy with limited clients per day, also kind of a sport activity space and private parking. I never seen the rooms but maybe someone else will be able to say something about it. I hope you will enjoy it as I do.
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5 iulie 2020 19:45

I found here a lovely pool, amazing food and great people.
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