ZATTARA Hanul Manuc

Halelor 9, Centrul Vechi, București

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Mâncare bună e motto-ul nostru. În restaurantul nostru te poți bucura de o masă gustoasă, proaspăt gătită și o conversație pe îndelete.

- terasa interioara
- terasa in fata localului
- muzica live
- pian
- saxofon si trompeta
- loc de joaca pentru copii

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13 noiembrie 2017 21:08

Very nice and authentic restaurant! Great staff with such a great attitude! The food is delicious and you can really expirience the Romanian kitchen
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Irene Roman
22 noiembrie 2017 11:55

Worst breakfast ever! Omleta arsa!
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Ana-Maria Jennifer Anghel
16 martie 2017 21:57

Good food for a resonable price. There is a nice lunch menu with every day options for a really low price (20RON for first and second dish). At night, it looks very vintage and cozy and smells of delicious food (varying from pasta, pizza, traditional food and salads). They were short on some dishes and beers from the menu fron time to time.
Staff is nice and welcoming all the time. Sometimes, during dining hours, there is a man playing the piano and gives an extra touch to the vintage atmosphere.
Recommend it while around if one is looking for a 20s bistro.
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Iwan Davies
22 iunie 2017 16:56

Very friendly people, food is very good and very cheap.
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Maya Suhareva
4 octombrie 2017 23:29

Very nice place, jazz music, most expensive dish 40 lei
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