Vivo Fusion Food Bar

Calea Floreasca 60, Floreasca, București
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Localul acceptă rezervări pentru un interval implicit de 2 ore.
Rezervările se fac cu 3 zile înaintea datei stabilite.

La Vivo Fusion Food Bar te poți bucura de unele din cele mai bune preparate cu specific american sau asiatic sau brazilian sau international sau italian sau mexican sau fusion sau vegetarian.

Păreri despre "Vivo Fusion Food Bar"

D Dragos
17 noiembrie 2016 22:22 Rezervat în data de 16 noiembrie 2016 prin

Servirea lasa de dorit, toti ospatarii parca alearga in panica din un loc in altul, uita ce aveau de adus.

Andreea Dima
22 martie 2017 09:15

The unique design and set of flavours that they mix in the burgers makes Vivo the best Burger place in town and even in the country. After all these years, the quality has not only remained excellent, but have also improved. The staff is great and the entire concept is outstanding!
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Geo T
4 martie 2017 09:50

This place made me feel like I'm not in Romania. Very good food, atmosphere and not overpriced!!! Best burgers in town
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Cristi Gheorghe
22 februarie 2017 17:57

Amazing place. One of the best burger places in town. THE best garlic potatoes is town. Vivo beer simply awesome.
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Veronica Sticlaru
8 ianuarie 2017 23:20

Wonderful place to try a various selection of burgers. Usually the place is crowded so make sure you call for a reservation. Also you can order burgers in advance and take away. The prices are moderate. Cool place to socialise and spend time with friends or family
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Dan MIhai
26 februarie 2017 21:35

Probably the best burgers in town. Make sure to make a reservation in advance, as the place is usually packed.
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