Vinexpert The Wine Bistro

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Calea Victoriei 155, Victoriei, București
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Infiintata in 1999, VINEXPERT contribuie de peste 11 ani la dezvoltarea culturii vinului in Romania iar cuvintele care au exprimat in toata aceasta perioada filozofia companiei sunt: experienta, pasiune, inovatie si inspiratie.

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Luni - Vineri
10:00 - 00:00
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Păreri despre "Vinexpert The Wine Bistro"

Oana Ciuca
24 aprilie 2019 22:29

Amazing wine place, with many options to choose from. The location is cozy and the service is very good as well. A plus is that all wines are served in semi-crystal glasses. On top, you can also buy bottles of wine for home as well. Totally recommended!
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Robert Nechifor
28 aprilie 2019 18:31

Best wine selection! The staff is extremly friendly and welcoming. They are savants when it comes to find a wine to suit your needs.
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George Gugulea
21 aprilie 2019 22:01

Good wine, food is ok-ish. It gets crowded usually, so don't expect a very fast service. It's more a pub than a restaurant, but you will get romantic after a glass of wine.
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Gabriel Calancea
2 aprilie 2019 12:10

Location is nice and fancy and the food is good and savory, at least the tuna salad was, but the service was not amazing because we had to stay a lot for the bill to arrive. Even though the place was not crowded the bartender didn't check on us and they were literally bored, they asked us once how to pay then he forgot and asked again.
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Claudia Ionescu
18 mai 2019 01:48

Great place food and service.
Romanian wines are a must try
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