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Sevastopol 24, Victoriei, București
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La rezervările pentru 2 persoane, puteți opta pentru mesele "City View" - masă-tejghea cu locuri alăturate și scaune înalte, ce oferă panoramă asupra orașului (vizibilă în pozele localului).

O așezare încântătoare, bucătărie fusion și cocktail-uri de top. Trei ingrediente principale pentru un restaurant la înălțime cu priveliște asupra Bucureștiului. La etaj e un bar la înălțime unde Estul întâlnește Vestul, unde puteți degusta preparate din bucătăria thailandeză, franceză, americană și alte specifice culinare, un melanj de culturi pentru experiențe memorabile. Priveliștea asupra Micului Paris e greu de descris în cuvinte.

Let’s have a new beginning, together!

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A Adrian
28 iunie 2017 13:08 Rezervat în data de 27 iunie 2017 prin

Salata Caprese a avut patrunjel in loc de busuioc, dar muzica e ok si oamenii de treaba.

R Raluca
14 aprilie 2017 22:35 Rezervat în data de 13 aprilie 2017 prin

Locația este extraordinara mai ales la apus.designul este bine gandit,poate ar trebui mai mult grafiti, mâncarea este buna, un pic cam scumpa ,cantitățile cam mici.
Dar Noroc cu apusul care te face sa uiți micile imperfectiuni:)

E Elena
21 ianuarie 2017 21:01 Rezervat în data de 20 ianuarie 2017 prin

Am mers de multe ori la Upstairs. Servirea a fost intotdeauna ireprosabila, atmosfera placuta si muzica faina.
Preturile putin cam piperate.

Amaury Auvray
28 iulie 2018 15:55

Usually I would put 4 stars, but for a Romanian standards let's says it is a 5 stars. It is not accessible for everyone, not because it is on a roof top but because prices are medium to high. But the quality of drinks, food and service was very good on a Saturday lunch. Some little changes cold be done to make it even better. Add shades on the outdoor terrace, add a kid menu, put a good lock on the toilet door... Anyway if you pass by and feel like you wish you were having a good food for once, this is the place.
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Monica Teodorescu
25 iulie 2018 14:13

Let me begin by saying that this was some of the best service I have had anywhere. Everyone was very polite and extremely helpful all throughout the time spent there. It’s easy to book a table, and the atmosphere is charming. More so is the view. It’s not the tallest building in the city, or even the area, but it provides great views from just about every table, so there’s no wrong choice. Food was great and tasty, every dish being very well made. Pricing is middling, considering the location and the view, but you won’t regret it after you’ve visited. This is one to revisit.
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Adam Davies
27 mai 2018 21:38

The food is tasty and well made but the portion sizes are small especially when you consider the price. The service was very fast and all the food came at once, we were a group of 9. The cocktails were varied and very delicious. I would recommend taking a coat/jumper etc as in summer they have an open ceiling. On a summer night the atmosphere is very good: nice view, low lights and fresh air. My main complaint would be the loud club music.
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Nicu Gheorma
21 iulie 2018 19:24

A special place for those who admire panoramas. The terrace is at the top floor with a beautiful view over the city. The services are good, the food is good, the portions are not too big. Common sense prices. For evening and weekend , reservations are required.
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Paul Catinean
20 august 2018 21:19

I'm very surprised that a rooftop like this is more than just the show. They have a very varied menu with a cook for each food-type. Everything from the wine, to the burger, sallad, skewers to deserts and coffee was way above the norm you usually have.

Waiter was especially friendly and not pushy at all, a very delicate ballance to achieve.

Overall a very great feeling and left satisfied with a smile on my face. Usually I don't as I'm picky person and a hardcore foodie.
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