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Strada Gabroveni 16, Centrul vechi, București

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100% Karaoke in Bucuresti
Daca iti doreai, sa stii ca tocmai ai gasit. Locul cu si despre Karaoke, locul in care a au cantat sau canta peste 30 de concurenti la Vocea Romaniei si X Factor Daca iti place sa canti si daca iti place sa petreci timpul cu alti oameni ce iti impartasesc dragostea, atunci Tunes este locul potrivit.

Deschis in fiecare zi de la 18 pana la ultimul client si cu program EXCLUSIV de Karaoke in fiecare seara, la Tunes, vei gasi exact ceea ce cautai: un loc dedicat vocilor, un loc in care sa te poti bucura de pasiune ta.

Vino si tu sa vezi cat de fun poate fii o seara de Karaoke, o seara cu distractie, zambete si muzica buna.

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18:00 - 05:00
Marți - Joi
18:00 - 03:00
Vineri - Duminică
18:00 - 05:00


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I Iulia
14 aprilie 2018 11:03 Rezervat în data de 13 aprilie 2018 prin

Am ajuns acolo si ni s-a oferit masa cea mai apropiata de boxa, muzica era data foarte tare si in plus se simtea un miros minunat de la baile din spatele scenei. Am incercat sa schimbam masa cu alta masa libera dar ni s-a refuzat acest lucru, motiv pentru care am plecat. Nu cred ca ne vom intoarce prea curand dupa o astfel de experienta.

Marius Ene
18 octombrie 2018 22:05

Not very cool services - having my table clean seemed to take forever, a lot of people that don't follow house rules, because basically they are there all time as an enclosed group - as for the karaoke the voices are amazing, but for people with low self esteem is not really the best is it? I personally don't have an issue - but people around me seemed overwhelmed by the "karaoke" skill - I like being sorrounded by people having a lot of fun, rather than just an enclosed group having it.
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Adrian Ungureanu
2 septembrie 2018 04:58

I could say a lot about this place but after an hour sitting at the table and nobody from the staff didn't asked me if i ordered anything, there's no point in making any other remarks. Therefore I left the place without ordering anything. I thought the purpose of the bar is to make clients leave there money there. The staff members were more interested in displaying their singing skills at karaoke. It's a place were the staff puts themselves above the customers. I wonder if the personell has been trained in any way on how to deal with clients.
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alexandru visenoiu
28 septembrie 2018 03:17

Very nice and friendly atmosphere. No fancy people. Great place to enjoy a karaoke night with friends. 😉
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WYSE.Eddie Nunez
2 septembrie 2018 14:04

The best karaoke bar I've ever been around the world!

The level of talent here is high! Its true that famous singers come here to sing! Even Romania's The Voice 2017 winner showed up and she was a doll to chat with! Here is this crazy Mexican rock singer and I got a lot of love from everyone here. Everyone was approachable! The top singers gave me vocal tips on how to improve on my metal voice so I appreciated that!

The KJ was a lady who knew Spanish so that really made my day! She was super sweet and had almost any song that wasn't in the book. So please approach her and ask for anything you want, because her library is huge!

I made friends with tons of beautiful women, a famous doctor, a famous singer, a Voice winner, a football player, and other top ranked singers! Almost everyone was approachable and not stuck up like people here in the United States. This will be an unforgettable experience! It was so good that I stayed until 0500 even though I had a tour booked at 0800! It was that good!
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Alexandra Coscovelnita
4 septembrie 2018 16:14

We had a blast as we were a group. Go for the karaoke, not the drinks. Worst cocktail in my life.
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