Trattoria Rossini

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Calea Piscului 10, Tineretului, București

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Trattoria Rossini s-a nascut din pasiunea noastra pentru gatit. Specialistii nostri culinari va vor incanta cu preparatele latine specifice celebrei zone din Italia.
Un restaurant pentru cei care vor o seara romantica in compania persoanei iubite, cu o terasa primitoare in inima vegetatiei din Parcul Tineretului.

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Emi Plays
20 mai 2019 14:49

Great serving good shisha
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Wojtek Szlaskiewicz
13 aprilie 2019 00:26

Nice and calm place for having a dinner in Bucharest 🇷🇴
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cicione barosanu
17 martie 2019 19:32

Sunday, 17 March, 16:00, sunny day, great weather. Lets get a beer in the terrace. Went to Trattoria Rossini and... 10 min waiting for somebody to ask us anything. Crowded. Somebody paid and left. Rush and get the table as nobody was paying attention. The waiter was coming and going - no questions, no cleaning the table after the other customers. 10 min later I asked for a menu. Got it in another 5 min. Meanwhile other customers in. Same treatment. They just went to a double table with 2 people and managed to take a table and arrange it for the 4 of them - selfservice...! :-D Coming back: meanwhile our guy was going back and forth with more or less empty hands... Again ask him for a beer, no answer. Another 10 min waiting, he came to clean the table and to ask: "have you ordered something?!?" and he left...! WTF?!? That was it! We left as we just lost 25 min for trying to ordering few beers...! Wish you "success" with this "restaurant", but for us was enough, never coming again. I am just sure that when the restaurant nearby will open (Daimon) they will dream to have the tables full as they have it now.... Bottom line: avoid it or good luck if you want to go there ;-) BTW: there where 4 waiters, 2 ladies and 2 guys for maybe 20 tables. Should be enough? I do not know. But the service... sucks, sorry for my French! All the best!
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Diana Serban
28 iulie 2018 16:29

Cool place for relaxing. Nice grass garden where kids can play. Parking available
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Radu Siniavschi
28 iulie 2018 17:31

Nice terrace. 4 stars because the staff didn't poured the beers in the glasses.
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