Trattoria Rossini

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Calea Piscului 10, Văcărești, București
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Trattoria Rossini s-a nascut din pasiunea noastra pentru gatit. Specialistii nostri culinari va vor incanta cu preparatele latine specifice celebrei zone din Italia.
Un restaurant pentru cei care vor o seara romantica in compania persoanei iubite, cu o terasa primitoare in inima vegetatiei din Parcul Tineretului.

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Dan Armano
28 iulie 2019 16:13

Less than ideal food and warm beer during the summer - a big no-no. The location is nice - the restaurant is located in the magnificent Tineretului park - but they should concentrate on serving better food and on faster service.

Also, near them there's a swimming pool (Daimon Club) with incredibly loud music which is unpleasant to say the least.
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Georgi Nenkov
22 iunie 2019 00:30

Amazing Trattoria garden with very kind and helpful personnel. So far the best rissoto I've eaten and they even swapped thr ingredients for me, without charging me additionally. Precious dry white wine also. Totally pleased to have dinner there. Warmly attended, I recommend it with pleasure!
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Daniel Matei
3 august 2019 01:00

There are four restrooms in this location. When I got there and took my son to one of them there was in the middle of an abandoned repairment one of the closets with a huge kitchen knife on it. There was no water to the sink. No water at the sink in the men's but also in the women's restrooms. Asked the stuff about where we can wash our hands before eating we were redirected to another restrooms.once there those lacked current water as well.asked them how can we wash and they apologise saying they will fix it right away. 2 mins later they fixed only the women's sink. So! Two adult males! 2 young males, one adult female and one young female washed in the same sink.
Now, we've ate outside on the terrace and the lighting was so bad you can barely see what you were eating.
Food was ok to good! Price, not so good if you take into account what I mentioned above.
Would not recommend.
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Ungureanu Cristian
22 iunie 2019 16:24

I didn't receive the pizza. Got a smaller lemonade than the others at the table (was ordered after the rest). Waited 2 hours in total. I don't know about the food. Looked good. The table was of 10 people. Everyone's food was late. The waiter was ok (as a person), but apparently it was the first time with an app for the kitchen and with many people, so maybe (just maybe) it's understandable
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Mary Alexe
26 iunie 2019 11:45

Strongly not recommended. Lousy services. We waited 15 minutes before we got the menu. Then nobody came to take our order for another 20 minutes. So we left.
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