The Urbanist

Caldarari 3, Centrul Vechi, București
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The Urbanist nu acceptă rezervări online prin
THE URBANIST – este un provider urban de ‘well-being’ si insider’s guide al unui lifestyle conectat cu orasul, selectiv dar nu snobbish, intelectual, street-smart si non-mainstream. Functioneaza ca magazin de denim & sneakers si bar & cafenea, 7/7, 8AM to 12PM. THE URBANIST este si starterul noptilor de petreceri bucurestene, hotspot-ul de pre-party de joi pana duminica, in compania celor mai selecti DJs si artisti locali si internationali.

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29 august 2020 18:12

Nice combination of urban drinks and urban shop. Good beer and good music from my side. Enjoy!
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1 iulie 2019 11:06

Hip pub and cafe in the Old City Center. Cool vibes, posh coffee and craft ales. Here you can taste some Hop Hooligans stuff - the best craft brewers in Romania. Highly recommended if you're in the mood for a craft beer.
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31 iulie 2020 14:46

Expensive, acid taste coffee. More for "show-off people". Very poor condition bathroom. Nice assitant
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11 aprilie 2019 04:40

This is a hip place
Which mean you could go inside because you are going to be blown away.
The decor has been infused with lots of character.
You will see DJ decks, including their own merchandise that is of really really good quality .
The outside space is also pretty cool but inside will make you just not want to go outside
Check it out and give this a thumbs up
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17 august 2020 12:18

The coolest coffee shop in town serves alcohol and has window seats. #vero #travel #romania
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