The Urbanist

Caldarari 3, Centrul vechi, București

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THE URBANIST – este un provider urban de ‘well-being’ si insider’s guide al unui lifestyle conectat cu orasul, selectiv dar nu snobbish, intelectual, street-smart si non-mainstream. Functioneaza ca magazin de denim & sneakers si bar & cafenea, 7/7, 8AM to 12PM. THE URBANIST este si starterul noptilor de petreceri bucurestene, hotspot-ul de pre-party de joi pana duminica, in compania celor mai selecti DJs si artisti locali si internationali.

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Păreri despre "The Urbanist"

Tunde Ogu
11 aprilie 2019 04:40

This is a hip place
Which mean you could go inside because you are going to be blown away.
The decor has been infused with lots of character.
You will see DJ decks, including their own merchandise that is of really really good quality .
The outside space is also pretty cool but inside will make you just not want to go outside
Check it out and give this a thumbs up
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Suzanne Rushton
8 aprilie 2019 01:54

I just loved it in here! I was drawn in by music and the promise of “lifestyle products” and stayed for the hanging vines and chill vibes. Oh and the coffee ☕️👌🏼
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Konstantina Chorianopoulou
20 ianuarie 2019 19:09

The Urbanist! It’s got character, it’s got style, it’s got a unique identity.

🥐 Great food, coffee and drinks to start your day. Croissant was delicious as was hot chocolate!

🦸🏻‍♀️ Staff was polite, easy going and fast to serve.

💯 Place is amazingly decorated, full of plants, mirrors and 2-3 collections of local hip clothing brands to choose your favorite T-shirt while you’re waiting for your coffee and listening to hip hop music!

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David Valls
5 februarie 2019 19:10

Must go!
Coolest coffee shop I have EVER been to!
They sell clothes, good coffee, affordable and with a DJ!!!!!!! Amazing vibe.
Live DJ in the afternoon. Probably one of the nicest experiences I have had.
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Silviu Dan Tanasie
10 februarie 2019 15:17

Very good coffee and chai latte. The stuff is friendly and try to keep things going nicely for everyone. The stuff also has a gender neutral dress code which adds to the atmosphere of the place. I do recommend this place for good coffee.
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